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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Charlie Morris) #325

Thanks! I’m new and thought I was publishing this only for me, hence I chose the wrong setting.

I made the change, selected publish, and the device handler installed no problem. It is working flawlessly.


(Steve ) #326

Glad you got it working :grinning:

(Charlie Morris) #327

Hi Glen,
May I ask what was the final outcome of the voice command question?


(Glen King) #328

No final outcome yet lol

Been so busy with work and other issues that I’ve essentially not been making effort on HA at all recently.

Hypothetically, Sony is going to make my tv compatible with Alexa in the next couple months. I’m not holding my breath waiting, but in the meantime I can live with things as they are.

I’ll revisit this item when Time becomes available.

(Steve ) #329

I’m not sure but if Amazon’s Aws allows you to edit the skill you could go into it and add the missing things you need

(George) #330

Is there any way to set the volume at a specific percentage every day. I do this with my sonos speakers (connected to the TV and otherwise), but wanting to do this for the TV. Just to reset the volume every day at 2am so that it’s at a pleasant volume.

I can see that there is volume up and down, but not volume set. I guess that means no?

(Patrick Mjoen) #331

Unfortunately the code only allows for up/down. I had previously looked at the code to see what it would take to control the volume value but never actually changed the code.

Thank You.

Please excuse any typos.

(Glen King) #332

Depends on how you wish to accomplish it.
I have routines that are triggered by Voice, but could easily be triggered by any http GET or POST etc. They don’t hit the TV volume, but instead hit the volume controls on my Denon AVR. I can set each channel to whatever numeric level I wish, and can do likewise with the overall volume.

So hypothetically, if your AVR can also be controlled via http or other network protocol you could create a routine that turns the device on while you sleep, sets the volume, then turns it off. And in fact I’m going to do exactly that… thanks for posting. Great idea!!

(George) #333

Yes, I was thinking of waking the TV up at 2am, and hitting the down volume key (via Smartthings webcore) 100 times, so that it was at 0%, then up 20 times, so that it was at 20%. I got there in the end, very similar to you. But I’ve not had the time to try it yet.

(hgozilla) #334


My TV on/off status does not update automatically, but only when I tap on the refresh button in the smartapp. Is it normal ?

I installed the Device Handler, and did the thing with the Hex IP address in the IDE. I Think that I did no mistake because the On/Off status shows on my ST app, but only when I tap the refresh button. When I did not enter the right Hex IP address, the on/off status did not update even when I pressed the refresh button.

Thanks a lot.

(Steve ) #335

Yeah that’s normal behavior it’s not been fixed as of yet.
What I do is have a WebCore piston do a automatic refresh every few mins.

(Wout Funnekotter) #336

I’ve got the integration hooked up to my 2015 Sony TV and I can control the tv from the Smarthings-app. After turning off however, the turn on-command only works in the first few minutes, as if it isn’t really fully turned off. After that, it won’t turn on with the normal On-command, but I have to use wake-on-lan.

That’s not a huge problem when using the app, but I want to switch it by voice using Google home (turn on the tv), which now only works a short while after turning the tv off.

(Steve Bratt) #337

this will be because you have eco mode or somethign similar enabled it goes into super standby where the tv only accpts wake on lan or IR remote commands (maybe CEC too)

in order to stop that, you will need to disable eco mode (i forget its exact name)


(Steve Bratt) #338

this woudl work, but i have a feeling you woudl have to space your commands, if you sent them all in a few milliseconds you might find the tv ignores them, worth testing though

(Tommy0202) #339

I got this working last night. All commands seem to work but when I shut the app down and come back in ST it shows the tv is off. (It’s on) and I click it and app shows on (it’s on) and off we go with complete control.

With this being the case I can’t use this for automation bc it will have to get clicked 2 if that even is possible.

Why do you think that the app isn’t seeing if the tv is on or off?
Sorry, if this is easy but I’m clearly missing something. Thank You!

(Patrick Mjoen) #340

When I had a similar issue it had to do with the hex conversion of IP. Here is the post from me after I figured how to correct.

(Tommy0202) #341

ok great. The hex conversion. I would double check but for clarity. I take my IP from the TV and convert to Hex. what about the port? it doesnt convert even when i put in port 80. The original post used 0050 I think so i copied that. What should I be using or how can I identify the right one. Thank you!

(Patrick Mjoen) #342

Here is the comment for the very first post:

Note: Within the Device on the SmartThings IDE the Device Network ID for Device instance must be hex of IP address and port in the form of 00000000:0000 (i.e. is 0A0001DC:0050) - if you check the logs the smart device will log the correct address that you can copy paste, once the IP address has been set. If this is not set you wont get updated on/off status.

(Kenneth Eriksen) #343

Thank you @steve.bratt !!
This DH works perfect with my 65xe9305 (65x9305E in the US) :clap::+1:

(Steve Bratt) #344

Great! Nice to know!