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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Patrick Mjoen) #305

@yyjjxxmm thanks for the additional Codes, I have debated creating a remote DTH that has all of them, but there are so many I would not use that it is just clutter to me. The TVS command you are suggesting, what does it actually do?

(Yyjjxxmm) #306

It is for the TV button on the remote which you can assign any input source to that button. It is located in the middle of the remote.

(David Higginbotham) #307

Does not work on Sony Bravia kdl60r510a, not sure what year, does not have full android only vewd app store and sony entertainment network

(Steve ) #308

You’d have to try it to be sure…
But I’ve read others saying it works in non android ones.

(matthew t.) #309

Hey There,

Just picked up my first smartthings hub. This is one of the first things i am trying to do. So far i have added the device handler as per the instructions in post #1, and changed all the correct settings on the TV. I added the custom device, using the ip of the TV in HEX format. I have gone into the newly created device and changed the preferences to reflect the correct ip and psk code (not sure if this was necessary step or not).

The error i am getting is when clicking on my device, “Living Room TV” in the smartthings app, i get “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again”.

I have gone to the device handler, and ran the simulator, choosing the custom device i created and everything works great from there. i can turn off and on the tv, and run any command. It seems i just can’t use the app to do it?

I am new to smartthings, but not new to coding, or code development. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

(Patrick Mjoen) #310

Although I am not the original developer, we can try to help if you can provide the IDE logs…

Thank You.

Please excuse any typos.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for your hard work. Im trying to get this to work for my TV, but I am missing some of the options in the setup process, these two:

Enable pre-shared key on your TV: [Settings] → [Network] → [Home Network Setup] → [IP Control] → [Authentication] → [Normal and Pre-Shared Key]

Set pre-shared key on your TV: [Settings] → [Network] → [Home Network Setup] → [IP Control] → [Pre-Shared Key] → [sony]

I do have the remote start option and that is on, but the other two are missing. Is there a way to make this work?

Model: KDL-40W650D
Software Version: 4.317-1.330-01

Thanks in advance!

(matthew t.) #312

Hello and thank you! Below are the logs i have for the device… Are there any others that are required? Thank you.

(Patrick Mjoen) #313

That is the device events list, from the IDE select the “Live Logging” tab?

(Steve ) #314

Did you give your tv a static IP?
Maybe it’s changed and you didn’t notice.
Also with the ip that you entered into your “living room tv” device on the things list did you enter it as a actual ip got the converted hex?
Here’s how mine is…

(Steve ) #315

Pre shared key is at…
-Home network setup
-ip control
Change authentication to normal and pre shared key then go back and you could be able to enter the key in the pre shared key menu.
I have a KDL and that’s how mine is.

(matthew t.) #316


It seems I have fixed it. Like I said, I am pretty new to smartthings. I was using the new smartthings app for android and it seems the new one doesn’t work like the old one.

Thank you for the assistance.

(Patrick Mjoen) #317

Dont use the new app yet…


When i got to Network > Home network setup > i have only these options:

-Show/Hide Media Servers
-Media Server Troubleshooting
-Remote Start

There is no IP Control, strange. I also went to support and made sure I am updated and it says no update available.

(Patrick Mjoen) #319

Im not sure if that is a supported model, we would need to ask @steve.bratt the creator of the DTH.

(Steve ) #320

Agree your model may not be compatible.
I just had a quick look and it looks to be a few years old now and it’s not the android version.
Try finding the documentation online that might tell you for sure.

(Neil Oakley) #321

Anyone managed to get this working on a 2017 model yet? Specifically 43WE75BU

(Stian) #322

Did you use hex ip?

(Charlie Morris) #323

Hello… I’m pretty excited to try the integration but I’ve been struggling during the install. I’ve added the steps and screen shots during my install.!

In particular regarding “Within the Device on the SmartThings IDE the DevicUploading… Network ID for Device instance must be hex of IP address and port in the form of 00000000:0000 (i.e. is 0A0001DC:0050) - if you check the logs the smart device will log the correct address that you can copy paste, once the IP address has been set.”
I have confirmed my TV IP address (see Confirm TV IP) (HEX: C0A801A9:0050)
I went to “My Devices” and hit “+ Devices” (see Add new device)
I entered the Device information (see create device pg1 & pg2)
I get an error message “Access Denied We’re sorry but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation” (see Access denied)"

(Steve ) #324

Can you confirm you’ve set up all the settings on your TV like pre shared key etc
How come on that device you’ve selected self published and not published ?