New Sonos Speaker DTH - Need Beta Testers

No, currently SLC doesn’t make this obsolete (as it doesn’t provide the Sonos Player with any additional features). I just put the development of it on the back burner. Currently have a really rough version of the DTH that’s buggy.

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Did this ever get finished? or is there a workaround for speaker groups etc? I cant even tell which speaker is which in my playbar setup. one of them is the sub but i dont know how to establish which one!

The work-around for programmatic speaker grouping I found is at where you can set up a raspberry pi or similar to allow calls to the Sonos API. I’ve got mine running, but trying to determine the best way to integrate it with ST; rather not send calls over the extranet. On this topic specifically, you can issue a command like /living room/join/kitchen to add to a group and /living room/leave to drop from a group.