New SmartThings user/can't delete a photo

Hello, I just got a 43" Frame TV, model QN43LS03BAFXZA. I downloaded the SmartThing app, version 17.05.21.

I uploaded a random photo from my iPhone to “My Album” in SmartThings, just to test out the process. It seems to have synced over to something called Gallery in the SmartThings app.The Gallery shows it can only have 50 photos (and says I’m using 1/50), so I’d like to delete my “test” photo but there seems to be no way to do that. I selected the photo with the checkbox, the only option is “Next” to crop/format to add to The Frame. I’ve included a screen shot showing the UI, it shows my photo is 1/50 but no obvious way to delete that photo. All the other posts/articles about how to delete a photo reference an older version of the SmartThings app therefore the instructions are not applicable (e.g. it mentions My Collection rather than My Album). Thank you.