New SmartThings Sensors?

Some time ago I wanted to buy some new SmartThings sensors to kit out the rest of my house. I was informed that they were no longer available and would be replaced soon by new sensors. It is now well over a month since that reply, and probably 3 months since they went out of stock.

Does anyone know when the new sensors will be available? Looking at the SmartThings store virtually all the products are now out of stock. This is not the best way to grow a platform…

The SmartThings sensors suck though. I have like 10 of them and the the batteries die every 3 months and fail often.

if you want them just go to BestBuy which carries almost all the sensors.

Assuming you want door/window or motion sensors, just go to Lowe’s and buy the Iris version in the purple box.

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I just ordered some sensors from ST and after the purchase, noticed that they are out of stock. I didn’t realize that they’ve been out of stock for 3 months! Bummer…I guess I’ll have to cancel my order and look elsewhere.

Amazon and they are doing the labor day sale.

@joewom I saw that and ordered some. ST had a better price at the time I made the purchase, but I guess it’s neither here nor there if they don’t have them to begin with.