SmartThings Multi Sensor availability?

(Adam) #1

Guess who just bought a house? THIS GUY. So now that I own my own home, I’d like to expand my SmartThings network. I have a SmartThings Multi Sensor already but I’d like 4 more to put them on all the entryways to the house (back door, sliding doors etc) and the Multi sensor is the best because it can detect vibration.

However it seems I can’t find this device anywhere. Amazon and SmartThings is sold out. Are they not making that anymore? There doesn’t seem to be a comparable product available anywhere.



The new generation is due out “very soon.” (How soon that is is a matter of conjecture, but it could be before October.)

So I think you just ran into the inventory changeover.

You can see the pictures of the new boxes on the official site, they’re just not taking orders for it yet. They have started shipping the new presence sensor from the same line.

(Ben Edwards) #3

The new Multipurpose sensor is available now.

(Ben Edwards) #4