Smartthings Motion Sensor sold out across Canada

I haven’t been able to find one at retail or online for about 2 months now. There’s another thread here saying that they can’t be found in Australia either.

Supply issues or a new version coming??

Amazon in tHe U.S. has been out of leak sensors for past week or so. My guess… it is a supply issue.

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Water leak sensors are gone from Amazon(Canada) as well, along with Hubs.

I have looked for leak sensors throughout the web and everything look to be discontinued…
But, I found a supplier fairly close and small enough that he was personally emailing me with what’s up. His stock is also gone but he expects more according to ST themselves (so not disc); it has all been Covid supply related according to ST.
Hang in there Baby! (if you remember 70’s poster that is!)

Thanks for the reply, great news! My theories were either discontinue/new version or Covid supply chain issues.

I hope they show up in stores / amazon soon. I just got into ST and I would really love a few of these. Out of desperation I tried the Aqara water sensor which didn’t work out for me. Hoping ST has a restock before the holidays. :crossed_fingers: