New SmartThings Schema Integration for Arlo

It may be like the nest where the app actually has no idea of the button state.

I understand but i can’t really see the benefit if i can’t make an automation for when the doorbell button is pressed. I guess i am stuck with ring then…

maybe @shravan or @arlo_eng can comment if there are plans to add button capability for the doorbell?

Hi all, yes we are working to add doorbell events (button press) and will hope to have it rolled out in the near future (hopefully by December). Right now the integration with doorbell does include the ability to live stream and receive motion events. We are working jointly to define the experience for button press and wrap up our development work for it. Thanks for the interest in this feature and letting us know!


Will this also be available on the audio doorbell?

Hi @cscheiene, right now the plan is to only support video doorbell since that has a richer set of functionality. But if there is a strong need for audio doorbell support, we can explore the effort.

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Anyone else who wants this integration, please let the Arlo team know


Audio doorbell yes please

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Hi Adam,

Yes, we do want the audio doorbell to work. I’ve been waiting for it since it got out and worked with ST.

I’m tired of Arlo neglecting their old products in the portfolio while they still sell them. The audio doorbell is a prime example where the motion triggers and button couldn’t even be used in Arlo’s own automations (it has its own set of rules). And dont get me started on the lack of custom chimes on a 150 U$D set ot tech. (And the horrendous delay between button -> chime, and press -> video call to phone in a 1.5Gbps symmetric connection)

If Arlo says ‘works with smartthings’ I at least expect minor functionality on the audio doorbell (button), and the motion is a ‘nice to have’.

@Chares @Joe_Mcnelly - appreciate the feedback on the desire for audio doorbell. We will review with our product team and SmartThings and see if we can make this feasible.


If not alexa handles it just fine

I’m also waiting for the audio doorbell integration. There’s a thread on the Arlo Community with 5 pages of users asking for this integration for almost 2 years. Please make this happen!

Here are a couple use cases:

  • use motion sensor as trigger for automations
  • use doorbell button as trigger for automations
  • send audio messages to doorbell when someone stands by the door but didn’t push the button (they just knock)
  • enable/disable doorbell using presence or other automations (time of day, baby sleeping, etc)



@Automated_House so in the ST app UX, the details page (page that appears after tapping on the device card from the home page) currently displays the video player and the on/off button for each device and below that there is history shown. At this moment , a doorbell button will not be shown there.

When the doorbell chime event is piped through, ST could will be aware of it and a user will need to setup an automation to trigger an action when the doorbell event occurs.

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Since you have already moved to the new schema integration and removed the older integration, there is no action needed to be taken on your end. In the linked services, there should just be one Arlo entry with the name “Arlo”.

Sorry, but I have not done anything yet as I’m waiting for the the…

I have too many current Automations, Scenes, and SmartApps that my Arlo devices are used in to do it the manual way since…

So, I’m just asking if I will receive any in app or other notification when SmartThings migrates me to this new Arlo Schema? BTW, is there a target date when all existing Arlo users will be automatically migrated to the new SmartThings Arlo Schema?

I uninstalled and reinstalled arlo linked service in my smartthings hub and now none of my cameras are recognized as motion sensors. I cannot set ST to armed as it says I do not have any devices. It suggests I add a device, and re-adding the alro cameras does nothing through this interface either. How are you getting the motion trigger to push from arlo to ST? I have both Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras.

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@arlo_eng, Well finally, Arlo has a new Video Doorbell with a built in battery coming soon. Will it be the same as the current Arlo Video Doorbell for compatibility with this new SmartThings Schema? But like the previous comments about the current Arlo Doorbell camera, hopefully Arlo/SmartThings will add the Motion sensor and Doorbell button to the integration.

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Hi @DaWeav - yes, we will provide out-of-the-box support for wire-free video doorbell. As soon as we enable support for doorbell button integration it will be for all supported doorbell types.


Hello Adam, I have the video doorbell connected to my SmartHub. Will the video doorbell also work in Smartthings if connected directly to my WiFi?

Hi @Mdterps, yes video doorbell integration is supported in either mode (SmartHub-connected, or direct to WiFi).