New smartthings home integration project - advise me

I am in process of design and next implementation of smart home system.

SmartThings and Vera my top vendors for the hub.

Basically I need advise/help from other people experience.

  1. Deadbolt digital locks. I have 2 doors (front and back) and garage door (i d add lock on it later).
    Vendor? I found Yale 120ZW as a good option. Any other ideas/experiences?

What I want to achieve is:
1.1) When I leave home to be able to arm zwave based new security system (alarm with 2 inhouse motions and 1 detached garage motion from the lock) with push of a button on lock itself or from remote control with all doors to be closed?
1.2) When I am inside be able to lock knob without alarm setting on.
1.3) Auto close door locks all withing 5 minutes. Very nice feature is to auto close ONLY if door is closed.
1.4) Are any locks that support proximity? For example I would not need to enter code/use phone to enter. Instead just walk in to the door so it would open and system disarmed?

  1. Security alarm. While people trend for old school systems, I am looking forward for simple Zwave based system. No door-windows sensors required.

Please suggest me best motion detectors? I need 2 in house and 1 in garage.
For sirene - would it better to install outdoor? In front and back of the house (under roof)?
Which one is better?

  1. I plan to add home smart sensors later. Already invested in Honeywell 7 days touch screen thermostats. So unlikely would change it.

I dont plan for any fancy smart sensors. Smoke/CO2/ hardwired and they work so far, unless I really want remote monitoring.
Light control - I d like to have light on when I enter house. Prob thats it.
All my bulbs are LED. So there is no cost-saving, only convenience.

However I’d like to setup motion detectors to work in conjunction with lights, so if there is motion present lights would go on for 30 min, no motion after - lights goes off, think its easy doable?

  1. Video doorbell. Actually I almost bought one - August. But I wonder if there is an alternative integrated to smartthings system? I really like to see visitor on phone and open the door remotely from Same application.

Any other suggestions welcome!

Here is my setup in mind prices:
Samsung SmartThings Hub, 2nd Generation - $99
Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune (PIRZWAVE2-ECO) - 3pcs - $27 = $81
Yale Security YRD 110-ZW-619 Real Living Key Free Electronic Push Button +8
Deadbolt, Fully Motorized with Z-Wave Technology, Satin Nickel - 2pcs - $175 = $350
VideoDoorbell - ?
Siren Aeon Labs ZW080-A17/ Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm or GoControl Z-Wave Siren & Strobe - 2 pieces - $43 = $86
Aeon Labs DSA03202 v1 - Z-Wave Minimote - 2pc - $20 = $40 (for me and wife)
Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor - $30 - (for kid)

Total = $686 excluding light control.

There have been a lot of issues with SmartThings lately so don’t be surprised if you’re doors randomly unlock on their own.

I really like the Aeon Siren, but the siren and strobe can’t be turned on separately. All you can do with the default device handler is turn it off, but the Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren device handler allows you to do things like entry/exit beeping, and automatically shut off the alarm.

I also like the Aeon mini mote, but it doesn’t report battery level so you have to remember to charge it every once in a while.

I haven’t had any problems with my SmartThings arrival sensor. A lot of users report the battery draining quickly, and after 3 weeks mine was at about 70%, but I’ve been using it for over 2 months now and it’s still at 63%.

I am sorry, there are no serious valuables in the house, but I really dont want my doors to be unlock on their own. This is last thing I want.

The reason to rush is the fact I go to travel to Europe and have to build some sort of security system just to be safe. Should not be anything fancy.

House is prewired but I dont see any reason to have wired windows sensors as we have windows ventilation option plus I doubt intruder would be able to open window from outside (its new windows with security feature built in).

Another option is old school alarm as DSC integrated with Smartthings or Vera.
This would require investment in alarm keypad EVL4 module on top of smartthings hub, just for 2 motion sensors in house and 1 wireless for garage.

Alternatively, this would allow system to arm/disarm remotely, but having same smartlocks would not help with issue u described.

I don’t think SmartThings is reliable enough to replace an existing security system, but I didn’t previously have one so it’s better than nothing.

I don’t have my locks connected to SmartThings, but if you search the forum for random door unlock, you’ll find a lot of posts about the problem.

Not if your door randomly unlocks!

I said it’s better than nothing for a security system and that I don’t have my locks tied into it.

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