New Smartthings Connect App Problems

I just got migrated to the new SmartThings Connect app on my Galaxy S9 (Verizon), and saw some odd issues, figured I would poll the community to see if anyone else has the problem:

  • I have three lights on the same Leviton plug in ZigBee dimmer. All three now show up as separate devices. One just shows up as a generic device, cannot turn it on or off or dim, and on the main screen, actually shows as “connecting.” The second shows up as some weird, non-light switch, but has dimmer and on/off functionality. The third shows up normally, as a light with dimming capability. Note that an iOS device with the old “SmartThings Classic” app shows all three normally, and checking IDE shows all three normal as well.

  • When I opened the new app for the first time, it appears to have created a new location, also named Home. I can see this new location in the Classic app and in the IDE, but not on the new Connect app. IDE would not allow me to delete this location, so I renamed it “Home (unusued)”, hopefully this does not cause any problems.

  • Smart Home Monitor appears to have disappeared on this new app. Accordingly, I don’t see my phone as a presence sensor anymore

  • There is no where in the new app to see device history (e.g. the history of temperature from my sensors, the history of motion, etc).

PLease note: I started a new thread here: Issues with New Smartthings Connect App in the correct category. Please use that thread.

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