Smartthings Button to Control my Routines?

I have two routines I regularly use: Good Morning and Good Night. These routines turn on/off certain lights/outlets and turns on/off the smart home monitor. I just got the new button, got it set up and I can see the app sees the states so I tried modifying the routines to automatically perform each routine. I set one up for a hold and the other for the twice push. I see the button changes state but will not perform the routine. I just e-mailed support but thought I would ask here as well. What am I doing wrong?

So in the settings for your your routines did you select automatically perform under additional settings , and select the button you want to use ?

Yes, that is how I set it but it does not work.

Smarthings button? also you can create a virtual button and see if it works with your routine to see if its the routine or the actual button. My smarthings buttons are flaky.

Actually all my routines stopped working. Damm smartthings. It has so much potential, but it is so buggy. People always ask me about it, but I just can’t recommend it to anyone.