Using Xiaomi Button to Control On/Off of outlet

(Joseph Ong) #1


Sorry, just got my smartthings today. I had paired a xiaomi button switch to the hub, but there is no way for me to set to use the button to turn on/off a outlet.
Can anyone able to give me a step by step guide


(Simon) #2

You need a routine to link one device to another. Go to the automation section in the mobile app and select smart lighting. It doesn’t have to be a light, despite the name.

Create a new ‘lighting’ automation with your outlet as the ‘light’ you want to control.Select the trigger as button “pressed/held”, then pick the button and whether you want it to react on a press or a hold. you can also toggle.

(Joseph Ong) #3

thanks alot. Will try it now.

(Mark) #4

Just to clarify, it’s really a smartapp that links one device to another. Smart lighting is an example of a built-in smartapp. Others can be installed from the marketplace, like button controller, which could accomplish the same thing really.

A routine is a specific type of automation can be created to do several actions in response to many different kinds triggers.

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Also, @gamcon if you’re brand new to ST, try searching the forum for some FAQ posts, or check out the community-created wiki, to get an idea of how to accomplish various tasks with ST. It’s not a very intuitive system, and things can be hard to find on this forum. But it can do a lot of stuff and there’s a lot of information available here.


This might also be of interest. :sunglasses: The screenshots are a little out of date, but the basic approaches all still apply.

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Thanks alot guys. It help alot. The forum is abit messy, and hence need sometime to get use to it.



Question related to this topic. I have created a momentary button, I would like to use this button to run a SmartApp which I have assigned to the a physical outlet. The SmartApp performs a power cycle on the connected device.

If I can assign the button to my SmartApp then I can use either the SmartThings app to run the cycle or Alexa.

Thanks for your help!


I recently added a Xiaomi Button and I want to use it to control a smart switch. It works fine if the button is the only means to turn light on/off. If I use the regular SmartThings App, the button seems to remember the state on its own. So if I turn the light on using its own switch, I have to press the button twice to turn the light off. Is there a fix?