New Smartthings App / SmartConnect: is it ready now?

I apologize in advance if this has been covered many times over and over.
So…since the ST Classic Ap 2.18 version debacle. It has been discovered the safest bet is to Rollback to 2.17 version.

  1. Presence sensor working
  2. No App crashing
  3. Icons present and not disappearing

I have been reading Various posts contributed by the ST Community that the ST Customer Support team stated that the New Yet to be widely released ST Classic version 2.18.1 (fixing the bugs) is the LAST and Final Update for ST Classic.
So I am asking from the “experienced” ST Hub users.

  1. Is the New Smarthings App/Smart Connect ready for me to transition over?
  2. Are there any issues I should be aware of ?

I am a fan of Smartthings. I am not a person easily willing to change. However If I need to change…due to lack of support from ST Customer Support, my alternative is Hubitat and I will be back to square 1.
I’m willing to give the New Smarthings App a try. However if it’s anything like the Classic 2.18 screwup…

Any replies and tips are appreciated
-Samsung S10
-ST Hub version2 w/ battery backup (prior to Samsung branding the Hub)
-Door locks
-Smart Switches
-Outdoor dongles
-Outdoor Switches
(all Z-wave as I am trying only to stick with Zwave)


cant comment of locks, cammera arnt supported
and the ‘automations’ are a pain… 3 needed to do what one routine would do

appart from that its not bad, im still running both in parrelle

I’d say ‘closer than you might imagine’ and ‘possibly’.

Off the top of my head:

  • Mobile presence can suck quite badly. I see presence and occupancy changes happening fifteen minutes to two hours later than they should do, though they seem to happen. Other users find they don’t always happen at all. Also mobile presence doesn’t show up as a device so you can’t easily see the current status. I don’t use mobile presence, but it annoys me as it and handling push notifications are the sort of things I think the mobile app should be doing. Pretty much everything else should really be primarily web based.
  • The history is supposed to show seven days activity. My history tends to only have entries from when I looked at it and it synced a small amount. So I may have an hour for today and nothing for days previously.
  • SmartApps are there but the settings pages screens still need a bit of work. WebCoRE, in particular, shows ‘cancel’ where it has ‘save’ in Classic, and the flow is a bit different.
  • The UI for custom devices is no longer as sparse or non-existent as it once was, but don’t expect the same custom UI experience as with the Classic app. Doesn’t bother me as I hardly ever use the mobile app as a UI but it may be critical to some.
  • Custom automations may be good for many simple tasks, but replacing Routines isn’t one of them. You may need two or three automations and the odd virtual switch or two in order to truly replicate them.

thankyou to the BOTH of you.
I installed the New Smartthings APP. I am seeing what the both of you mentioned. Maybe I am used to the Classic App.
As of now I am running Both in parrallel.
I really like ST and don’t want to look at another hub like Hubitat

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There have been reports that running both on iOS devices causing issues with location sensing. I’m an Android user so don’t know details. Forum search will probably find more info