Where is marketplace in the new smart things app?

for the life of me I don’t see it
is it only in the smart thing classic app?

android oreo version

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In the iOS version, If you click on the Automations tab, then click on the plus sign in the upper left-hand corner, there are a few items from the marketplace you can use. But again, There are only a few. :slight_smile:

well I’m on the new app, for android. don’t see that. I used the new app because I hadnt set up my hub yet. but I uninstalled the new app, used the smart things classic, and marketplace is right there clear as day.

I didn’t see it anywhere in the new app, including the automations section

No need to remove the new app, you can use both

There is nothing in the new app that specifies “Marketplace”. If you goto Automations and then click ADD for a new Automation, you will see the SmartApps that are available like Smart Home Monitor, Smart Lights, etc. These are SmartThings SmartApps, nothing custom. If you are wanting to install a custom SmartApp, you have to do that from the Classic app before it will show up in your Automations in the new app.


soooo does that mean if I need custom smart-apps, unless ST/Samsung updates the Samsung-phone-app, that I will never delete the ST-classic-phone-app?

I mean I guess it’s obvious but geez. If this is prelude to eliminating custom-smart-apps then I would become a short-timer in ST system.

It simply means that they have not implemented functionality or exposed visibility for custom SmartApps / Device Handlers to install as of yet.

They are a ways off from completing the new app. For users that are just using SmartThings with supported devices, nothing custom and some small type set of Automations, they can proceed to using STSC. If you have custom SmartApps, the need to install something custom, or are using custom device handlers for your devices, it is recommended that you use only the SmartThings Classic app for now, until SmartThings has completed the new app.

As was stated above, both apps can exist side by side on your device. They both access the same IDE of your Samsung account. You use Classic for all your daily needs and when they continue to update STSC, you can peruse the app to see progress they have made, but I wouldn’t use it to add or configure anything right now.


Appreciate all your replies WB!!!


I see they moved over the Severe Weather Alert smartapp. Is it just as basic (useless) as the Smart Things Classic app?

So what’s the point of using the new app in I don’t see any benefits if you still have to do everything in classic?


There isn’t any. As with any “consumer gadget” everyone is just so darn impatient to get the latest version of everything, when that nearly always results in significant stability risk. Thousands of people buy into Kickstarters and IndieGogo’s - just for the opportunity to get a non-existent gadget first (and, ludicrously, at a supposed “discount” to the retail price; a price that cannot be determined until the production costs have been finalized and the market has been assessed).

Yes - there are a few features in the new SmartThings App that are not in Classic. But why rush? Classic has had 5 years to reach its current level of stability and functionality. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.


The only benefit is that it will satisfy some peoples curiosity. Functional benefit is NONE except for 2 below.

Rule of thumb for now: If you are an existing SmartThings user and have been using the SmartThings Classic app, continue using the SmartThings Classic app to add/remove/configure/monitor things.

The above applies to V1, v2 and ADT hub owners already using the SmartThings Classic app. This should be pretty cut and dry for the most part. :slight_smile:

Where it gets more confusing is:

  1. Those that have a Samsung appliance/tv where they had Samsung Connect “STSC” previously installed and actually have a Samsung account, plus a SmartThings account and haven’t migrated yet. These people aren’t sure where to go or understand what both accounts represent. They logon to Classic to see all of their devices, minus the Samsung one, and then the new app STSC to see their specific Samsung device(s).

  2. Then you have people who have purchased the Samsung Connect Home (mesh router) where they have to use the STSC application for at least configuring / connecting the router. Whether they should use the STSC or Classic app after that is not something I can speak to from functionality or usability.

  3. You also have the brand new user who has no idea on where to start. If they read ST documentation they will be guided down the path of installing and using STSC and if they have let’s say the starter pack, that might be ok in the beginning and they can add some limited automations, but they will not be able to add anything custom. So as long as they are staying at the very minimum base layer of ST and supported devices, this is ok to proceed with the new app. However, if they start reading the community recommendations on staying put with the Classic app, I can only imagine the confusion they are going through sifting through everything and trying to figure out what they should install and use. :thinking:

  4. Then for whatever reason, there are customers who have the understanding that once their SmartThings account has been migrated to a new/existing Samsung account, they must begin using the new STSC application. This is not the case. If you were using SmartThings Classic before you migrated your account, continue using SmartThings Classic for now. :slight_smile:


Then you have people who have purchased the Samsung Connect Home (mesh router) where they have to use the STSC application for at least configuring / connecting the router. Whether they should use the STSC or Classic app after that is not something I can speak to from functionality or usability.

If you use both apps it breaks connectivity to your wifi router and you cant access it in either app. I opened a case with Samsung because I am stuck. I can’t setup the wifi network with classic but I cant add all my devices with the new app. If I try to use both the classic app finds the router (Kinda) and from that point on the new app can’t connect to it. Beware!


This is my concern trying to find answer before I invest time in developing a new app for myself. Are custom apps not part of the future roadmap? Meaning how much longer will they be supported? Having ability to do custom app whole reason I picked smartthings 4+ years ago. If not might as well build my own hub…

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I just relocated my hub and have it connected to all new devices. What I’m noticing is that there doesn’t seem to be anymore outside apps which I believe were located in the market place. Can someone tell me where I can find smart apps? The Samsung apps seem to be to limited with the features and options.

MarketPlace is only available in the Classic app.To install custom/3rd party code, you will need to install the Classic app

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They’re still available in the Classic app, have you tried that app too?

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I just started with Smart Things and have constructed and published my code, based on the " Writing Your First SmartApp" article. it is tailored to the Classic app. Since I could not get to my app from there, I went into the classic app. My Home, Rooms, and Devices do not show up in the App. Isn’t it all the same account?

If I set up everything again in Classic, will that mean I have to start all over in the newer app once Samsung gets their act together and supports custom apps within it? Very clunky if that is the case.

You’re looking in the wrong place. You want to go to Automation → SmartApps → Add a SmartApp → My Apps (way at the bottom of the list).

The majority of the apps I’ve set up in Classic can be used in the new app, and even changed, but for now the only way to get custom apps installed is to use Classic.


Sorry to come to the party late, but I have just bought smartthings hub and devices expecting some serious clever automations using delays, timers, if then else etc. Not realy a lot to ask. Ive spent the past week looking how to do any of this, reading about smartapps and finding “None”, so naturally I’m starting to regret buying into samsung now. I do appreciate the comments of users wanting everything and wanting it now, however I really thought there would be much more to my samsung smartthings V3 than what I can do. I don’t even see aany buttons, motion detectors or outlets in the samsung section even though I bought them with my hub.