New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

My bad, I figured that out after I typed out.

I can build one and try it out.

I’ll report back in a little bit

@saint2e I just had it trigger - it worked. I’m using a smartthings gen 1 motion sensor.

Built routine in Alexa to trigger after one minute and it worked

Maybe add a voice announcement to it so you can hear when it triggers. Might be triggering in Alexa, but not getting the command to the lights?


Just updated the rule to work after 1 minute of inactivity and added an announcement to see if it’s being triggered.

2 minutes have passed, lights still on, no announcements.

If I execute the routine manually, lights turn off, announcement is made.

My suggestion

Burn it down… (only reason I don’t go 100% insane when updates break my stuff is it forces me to rethink my routines and I often build better stuff)

Delete the motion sensor from Alexa
Delete the motion sensor from smartthings (follow the exclusion for your motion sensor)
Add device in smartthings
Run discover in Alexa
Build new routine.

(I apologize for my Swype recognition. Moron and motion are the same Swype :frowning: )

Although you can, curious as to why you chose to use an Alexa Routine for this rather than an Automation in ST?

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maybe the device he’s controlling doesn’t work with SmartThings?



@prjct92eh2 is correct. My lights are a combination of TP-Link (regular switch) and CE Smart light switches. The CE Smart switches will not work in SmartThings.

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I don’t have any to test, but you could try adding these switches to the Smart Life app instead. I believe Smart Life has direct integration with SmartThings now. If this works then you can use the Smart Lighting Smart App or Automations in the SmartThings app which should make it run much faster and more reliably.

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Worth a shot, I’ll try that tonight.

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So moved everything from my CE Smart over to Smart Life, went to add them into SmartThings and they’re all incompatible with SmartThings. They work with Alexa and Google, but not SmartThings. FML.

It’s buggy and requires extra steps but some have had success with the smart life integration coming over into Smarthings. Only scenes come over though it seems, not the actual device. There’s more info here Smart Life integration (July 2020)

I’m still using IFTTT to integrate Tuya/Smart Life to Smarthings for now, but now they’re charging for IFTTT. It seems like getting products to integrate is becoming increasingly more challenging, when it really should be getting easier.

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Yeah I tried that approach. I see the scenes coming across into SmartThings, but they’re showing up as offline and I’m not able to interact with them at all.

Once you get the scenes to show as off-line, that’s because they are not being initiated in a way that the smartthings app recognizes. However, You should still be able to use them via webcore or sharptools. I know that’s a long way around and may not be something you’re interested in doing, but it is an option that some community members are using.

And as far as Alexa, you should be able to get to them through the smart life skill.

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Yup, the problem that spawned this little wild goose chase is the Alexa routines that are triggered off of motion NOT detected for X minutes are never firing unfortunately. :frowning:

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Might be easier to replace the motion sensor. My smartthings sensor is being detected by Alexa.

Oh the sensor is being detected fine, and I can see it updating on the Alexa app when I walk by it.

It’s just the Alexa routines are not being triggered when the “no motion in X minutes” time elapses.

The only other freeish solution I can think of would be to flash custom firmware onto the switches. The problem there is that apparently these are a pain to take apart and soldering/desoldering is involved. As for the firmware, Tasmota might work, but I really have no experience with it and can’t say for sure.

Link to discussion on flashing:
Tasmota integration with SmartThings:

If you are willing to spend a little money, I’m fond of TP-Link’s Kasa switches. They are now compatible with SmartThings and have been working great for me.

Funny thing is, all my regular switches are TP-Link/Kasa and they work great. It’s the dimmer switches and smart plugs that I found for super cheap at Costco that are CE Smart that are difficult.

As an update, I completely scorched earth my Alexa routines and re-built they from scratch and knocks on wood both motion sensed and no motion sensed routines are being triggered now.


Last night the Classic SmartThings skill finally stopped working and I had to move to this new skill. I can finally feel firsthand the pain of having to disable on the Alexa side the 120 devices I don’t want Alexa to have access to in the first place :frowning: .


That is really weird.

Welcome to our hell :laughing: have fun disabling all the duplicates.