Smarttings to new Alexa integration - excluding devices

I got an email today to Link the new ST app to Alexa then discover devices on Alexa.

I did that and now I have two of everything again. I just barely fixed that in the old app! I can not find where I can choose to share specific devices in the new app. Has anyone else run into this yet?

Been an issue since April… ST is working on it…

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I knew I shouldn’t have done it. I do this to myself every time thinking oh I better do it before I can’t later without thinking what could go wrong.

I have the old app but it doesn’t have the Alexa thing anymore.


I have found a work around for this issue until ST realizes it is an issue and fixes it.

I have renamed all the devises in the ST app with ST in front of it so instead of Deadbolt like it is in Alexa it is ST Deadbolt. Now when it gets pulled into the device list in Alexa it doesn’t cause confusion when I tell her to lock the deadbolt!

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