New App or Classic and Alexa

Some Issues:

  1. I can no longer control Smartthings devices through Alexa. I thought I should try migrating to the new Smartthings App but when I went there, the new App seems to be activated already, i.e. I see the new icon and the display is quite different. However, I don’t recall ever migrating to the new App (quite odd?). How can I tell for sure whether what I have is the new App or the Classic?

  2. Once I confirm that I have the new Smartthings App, what do I need to do within the Smartthings App and the Alexa App? I tried to follow the instructions for this but in the end when I put the Alexa App in discovery mode, it does not discover any new devices.

I’m a bit frustrated with this now so would appreciate any comments/suggestions to get Alexa working with Smartthings again.

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I am sure others can answer this for you in more details with links and all, but I will give you a brief run down.

You do not need to “migrate” to the new app. I just started using it. Using the migration tool handle turning classic routines into new scenes/automations and switch classic shm to new STHM (alarm stuff). You can set up your own scenes/automations and STHM from scratch.

Regarding alexa. Go into you alexa app and delete the “smartthings classic skill”. (Some will recommend going to the alexa website not app and delete all smartthings items.) Then go back to the alexa app and add the new “smartthings skill”. Wait a few moments then Discover item in Alexa.

There are posts explaining this all in detail.


Uninstall the Alexa integration from your Classic app and then reinstall it using the new app under voice assistants. Personally I’ve found the new integration does a better job because it no longer need to “discover” new devices in Alexa. Everytime I pair a new device in ST Alexa automatically announces it found a new device and as a bonus it also cleans it up when I delete a device in ST (which used to struggle with earlier).

One tip before doing this, I uninstalled Alexa from the Classic app, opened the and removed all my devices first and then connected the new Alexa integration from the new app. Been working sweet ever since.

I only have one version of the Smartthings App and I think it’s the New App but I’m not sure.

How can I tell whether it’s the New App or the Classic?

Screenshot_20201002-174157_One UI Home

One on the right is the new app. Left is classic

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SmartThings developers this is a widespread issue. The recently updated SmartThings Alexa Skill is no longer working. I have the latest of everything and 30 years experience in IT. I can assure you this is a bug in the SmartThings Alexa Skill that has recently been updated. Please either revert back (which is smart and minimum change control practice) or expedite a new sprint to push out an update. Disabling and re-enabling does not fix the issue. Thank you so much. I would like to stay with Samsung SmartThings but this is a very challenging issue to deal with. John