New Smarthings Dual Nano zw140

Dual nano ZW140 was working fine in classic, updated to new and only the main unit is available via alexa integration. Its gotta be a handler thing, working with aeotec now but figured id ask if anyone else had a fix here as well. Alexa doesnt pickup on the child devices.

Same here…Aeotec’s ZW-140 child devices are no longer operable on the new SmartThings app dashboard. Fortunately, they still work with the Smart Lighting Smartapp.

It appears that the child device handlers don’t want to work in the new app and Aeotec appears to have abandoned all support for the ZW140 working with a SmartThings hub. Hoping someone with motivation and the skills has got a solution in the works?

The other possibility is that SmartThings has native support for the ZW140 now? Anybody know? I can test it but will have to save the existing device handlers somewhere so I can go back to them if I’m wrong.

Its totally native, remove all the child handlers and the main device from the hub, factory reset the aeotec unit and add it back in, all works fine.

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