Aeotec ZW140 Dual Nano Switch

(Dan Funk) #1

Has anyone successfully integrated this device into ST? (i.e. outputs are independently controllable in ST)

I see instructions on Aeon Labs’ site that a firmware upgrade is necessary. Is that DTH on their site necessary and works?


(Dan Funk) #2

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller…Bueller…lol.

Seriously though, no one has installed one of these?


(Brad Langhorst) #3

I’m also looking into buying the dual for a couple of applications in my house. Anyone using one successfully? The single switch variant works fine and is detected as an Enerwave switch.

I have an older Monoprice dual in service and it works, but I’d rather use the Aeon.

(Ashley Kemp) #4

I just installed ZW140, but am having trouble getting the device setup in smarthings the way I want it to be setup. I chose the ‘Aeon Smartstrip’ as the device Type because the standard type ‘Z-Wave switch’ won’t allow me to control the two switches independent of each other. The Smartstrip type allows you to control both switches independently from the app, but I have not been able to figure out how to get each switch to show up as a separate thing in smarthings. It would help if I wanted to control it via Echo, etc.

(Doug) #5

Ive just installed one myself and heres what I’ve found.
The firmware update 2.00 is critical
the device works properly after updating, The dev handler linked from the aeotec helpdesk is actually the wrong one, its for a zw139
I’ve contacted aeotec and will provide the link to the code when they get it to me.

(Doug) #6

the link within the text of zw140 support page is incorrect, however the correct device handler can be found as a text file at the bottom of the page
you also must install the metering switch child device handler from Erocm123 as shown on the support page.