New smart app to link the virtual/simulated garage door device with two actual devices

I just stumbled on this and I have to say that it works great! This is exactly what I have been looing for. I hooked up a Linear FS20Z relay to old as dirt garage door opener and am using an Ecolink tilt sensor on the door. With the Linear relay set as a momentary contact switch the whole thing worked OK, but it in no way looked like a garage door.

Using this app, I now have something in SmartThings that looks and works like a garage door - like it should. I do not know why this is not more prominent in the forums than it is.

Just wanted to thank you for writing this.

There is one thing that I would like to see added - the ability to turn notifications on/off within the app and not have to go back into the IDE and publish again. Just a thought.

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Nevermind… I found it. It’s been a long day…

I found it after a bit of digging, after seeing the same problem. Create a new device handler type, from the template of ‘garage door simulator’. change the name in the definition line 17. change the runin times from 6 to 1 on lines 56 and 61.
save it and publish.
then create a new device for your virtual garage door, using the device handler type you just created.
follow the rest of the instructions for setting up in the app.


Recently having a terrible time with syncing issues.
It always gets confused and now one is stuck in “opening” state.

Any ideas how to improve its reliability?

I’m using contact sensor.

Just found this - works great. And the fix for ALexa is awesome…Now to install the dot in my wife’s car(With wifi) - and she can just ask “open garage door #1”…Better than telling it to turn a relay on…thanks

Wondering if there should be something in the smartapp code statements for “opening” or “closing” states. Since you have if statements for “open” and “close” but sometimes it seems it gets stuck in the “opening” state or “closing” state occasionally. Need a failsafe I think to have it go back and check to see if the state is stuck in opening / closing maybe?

I’m an experienced programmer but have little experience working with this system but I might be able to help out.

Also, trying to think if there is a way we can put a manual refresh button on the Virtual Device if it gets jammed up.
No matter what happens, if I manually toggle the garage from the physical switch on the wall a couple of times it stays stuck in “opening”.

Guessing I’ll have to delete everything and re-add it if it doesn’t go away.

this is usually due to issues with the devices you have installed not working correctly, or the smartthings back end dropping messages… check that the contact sensor is reporting reliably.

Hi, thank you for this great app. I got it working on my smartphone and would like to integrate it into Alexa. However, Alexa doesn’t understand when I said “Open/Close Garage Door”, however, saying “Turn on/off garage door” would open/close the actual garage door. It’s usable but sounds really awkward. Is there a way to make Alexa understand “Open/Close”?

th[quote=“Gergor, post:115, topic:25755, full:true”]
Hi, thank you for this great app. I got it working on my smartphone and would like to integrate it into Alexa. However, Alexa doesn’t understand when I said “Open/Close Garage Door”, however, saying “Turn on/off garage door” would open/close the actual garage door. It’s usable but sounds really awkward. Is there a way to make Alexa understand “Open/Close”?

try having alexa use the virtual garage device which has both open/close and on/off instead of the actual switch… it then should understand open.

I name the switch cindy garage door opener
and the virtual garage door “cindy garage door” this is the only one i have in the garage room
the other is just floating around…

make sure the virtual device ie :cindy garage door" is the only one you authorize in the amazon echo smartthings smart app.

Thank you for your reply. I am in fact using a virtual garage door named “garage door”. I said “Open/Close garage door” always got somthing like “I’m not sure how to help you with that” response from Alexa. However, “Turn on/off garage door” always work.

I checked it’s the only one allowed in the amazon echo smartapp.

May be the generic name “garage door” is a problem. Tonight I’ll try to rename it to something more unique…

This is just strange…

I rename it to “home garage door”, now alexa would respond to “open home garage door” but still don’t understand “close home garage door”.

It happened to me several times that after I closed the garage door thru a physical remote or the master switch, the garage door opened on its own after several minutes. Can anyone think of a reason why this may be happening? It makes us feel very insecure that the garage door would open on its own…

I got this working great but i’m having problem integrating it with Alexa, how exactly did you guys go about doing so? thanks.

Edit: what I meant is how to get Alexa work with open and close command instead of turning on and off command. Like @Gergor posted, “home garage door” will work with opening but not with closing.

Hi, I got this working thanks very much for writing it.

Some things I learned.

For a WEMO switch controlled relay just use device type wemo switch.

You have to setup a routine to turn off the switch whenever the switch is activated. Thus making the wemo switch momentary.

You have to create a virtual device in api.smartthings of type “Simulated Garage Door Opener”.

Dont name your relay switch “Garage Door” save that for the Virtual Switch.

Make sure your wemo switch opens and closes the Garage Door before installing this app.

My setup

Wemo Switch $21 Amazon Black Friday
This relay works great, is cheap, looks good, and is super easy to wire up. $8.95 on Amazon

Just configured this app last night and noticed that when you send the close command, the status changes to closed right away. It doesn’t seem to actually look at the garage door sensors status before it changes to open/closed.

I’m new to ST and garage door control is one of the main reasons I purchased this system. Thank you for sharing with us.

no problem enjoy

Hey Larry! I just wanted to say that I’ve been testing this for the past 20 minutes (while reading through this whole thread) and it works perfectly. (I was also wondering about the “open” and “closed” states being reported immediately but like you said–that is a limitation of the system.)

Thank you so much for creating this and for the instructions!

I was getting frustrated with the virtual garage device type and it automatically going to closed state after closing without a sensor contact. Larry’s app then would go back and check the status to try to make up for this. This solution just seemed like it was one too many devices and not exactly right.
I liked the other idea of using the smartsense garage with button device type but it had issues of not working with routines. I ended up reworking the new smartsense multisensor device to include a button. I used some of Larry’s ideas to have it work with Alexa with on/off commands. I am not sure how this can work for those using other garage door sensors other than the smartsense, but maybe someone can take what i did and modify some other devices to work for other sensors. I am not a programmer so dont really know what i was doing but it all seems to work. Feel free to comment on my work or ideas. I posted this at the other garage door sensor thread so i will just link to that as it gives credit for others ideas over there. Thank you Larry for your work on this, i hope you appreciate the direction i took.

Hi Larry, This works great!!! I only have one issue. Now that I have a camera hooked up, I have started using the security modes (ARMED (AWAY)) when I leave the house. Unfortunately, the mode (ARMED (AWAY)) is active, before the garage is closed. Hence, I get an intrusion alarm each time. Do you have any idea how I can put in a delay for the mode to change? Thanks!!!