Simulated switch/button with controlled device feedback ? (garage door switch opened/closed)

I’m looking for simulated switch or button that can display status of the controlled device.
In my case garage door. Since we are using push button it would be nice to see if the door is actually opened or closed before pushing the simulated button.
Is there such device available? If not is it possible to create it? It would just need to report the status of the contact on those garage doors.


You couldn’t tell that from the switch. You need to have a contact sensor or tilt sensor. The only thing the switch would tell you is the opener was triggered, not if the door opened or not.

Thanks for reply!
That’s what I mean, there is contact on the door to indicate if it’s closed or opened but I’m looking for solution to feed status of this door sensor to the actual simulated button.

You should be able to do that in WebCore. Use the status change of the sensor to throw the switch appropriately.

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That would be great!
I’ll look in to it

There’s also some smartapps which do that for you automatically.

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Thanks for the help !

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netierh is the same solution… webcore or anything whil it may close the door will not rerspond to door or garage door request… this is not the same solution as an integrated device.

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What do you mean? WebCore can respond to the state of the door and close it or open it based on your specific commands. I also don’t understand what you mean by “garage door request”. My garage door doesn’t make requests, it responds to them. I’m the one making the request. I can request that the door be opened and it opens.

this is my thread… a garge door or a door is a specific device tpye and hterefore responods to specific system requests… webore is not a device. type

therefore it cannot do this… if you want to scan for door or garage doors and see the device and have it respond as such you need a device type that has those capabilities… writing rules is not the same thing.

What are you talking about? WebCore isn’t a device at all…it’s a rules engine. That’s like comparing an apple to an apple peeler. One is a fruit, the other manipulates the fruit. Which is exactly the same as the relationship between a garage door and WebCore. What you are saying makes no sense at all.

Actually, lifeIsfun is the OP.

WebCore will work just fine. The OP wants a simulated switch to reflect the open/closed status, so the logic would go something like:

IF garage door sensor changes to Open
AND simulated switch is off
THEN set simulated switch to on

etc . . .

My pleasure. :grin:

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Sorry thats exactly what this does. It looks.the an would.get If you bought and installed one.of the. Pre made garage door zwave additions, .ie

The first pictire is this device type. You can hit the open.or.closed.or the button.that shows state. The second picture is a off the shelf gdz004 I believe.

If you is ActionTiles then you can see everything on one screen and not have to drill down into a device in the SmartThings app to access the open / close buttons and see Status of the Garage door.

You can see in this screenshot

My actual Garage door (MyQ)
Open / Closed Sensor (works in unison with garage door)
The temp in the garage
And then a push button to open and close

I can also close the door by pressing the Garage door and it will ask me if I want to open or close it.

These are the devices in ST Classic: