Garage Door Simulator

Hi, Can someone please direct me to a garage door app that works with only a contact sensor and a switch. It will need to keep the garage door status in sync with the door as the door is often opened via the remote. Cheers

I’m using LGK Virtual Garage Door without any sync issues for a few months. Just follow the instructions, I did edit the delay down to 1 sec and set the timeout to 25 sec to prevent syncing errors.

Thanks for the advice. How do I reduce the run time to 1 second?



If you have access to RBoy Apps check out this Virtual Garage Door, it can use your contact sensor and relay/switch to create a Virtual Garage Door device that can then be used with any SmartApp or Routine etc:

Thank you. I have read about the RBoy app but was hoping that someone would share a free one with me. All sorted now. Cheers

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You have to create your own smartapp. Starting with the template from the Simulated Garage Door device. Steps detailed in the forum.

Thank you. I did have a look at that however the ‘add your own code’ instruction is well beyond my current capabilities


I built something similar and have been using since 2013. Now that the classic app is coming to an end the new app does not support my device. Is your opener working after migration to new Samsung app?


LGK virtual opener is still working

Not sure if @Lgkahn updated his version of the DTH but to get things working in the new app, I added vid: “generic-contact-4”, ocfdevicetype: “oic.d.garagedoor” to the metasdata sometime ago and it is still working. It’s not as asthetically pleasing as the classic app tiles but it works.

There is more discussion here and a screenshot of what it looks like in the new app.