Mimolite and tilt sensor for garage door opener

I have a Mimolite and a tile sensor working great on my garage door separately and that is the problem the Mimolite does not recognize when the sensor says the door is open. I may have selected the wrong device type when I set up the Mimolite and I have not been able to figure out how to tie the two together. I have no experience developing my own device type nor can I figure how to Change the smartapp so when I arrive is garage door is open don’t turn on the switch i have tied to the Mimolite. My first thought was to remove both devices and start over maybe picking different device types but I’m not sure that is the right way to go about fixing this issue any suggestion would be appreciated.

Hi @vintenzo, the device type for the mimolite that’s used for a garage door opener requires the mimolite’s built-in open/close sensor to be used instead of a separate tilt sensor.

@Lgkahn has a SmartApp that should do the trick, but I can’t seem to find the link for his code. Perhaps he can chime it and help you out with his solution.

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