Simulated garage door device issue

I was trying to write a smart app to tie the simulated garage door device with two real devices a relay/switch and the contact sensor… I am trying to setup the input in the preferences section and have sections to choose the contact sensor and the relay/switch, but the virtual garage door device does not
show up under the following input sections
doorcontrol, garagedoorcontrol, relayswitch, button etc. or switch. It does show up under contact sensors… so I could probably change the state there. but I would need to be able to tell when the button is pressed to correctly link it with the actual devices… according to the device type code
it has the following cababilities

capability "Actuator"
	capability "Door Control"
    capability "Garage Door Control"
	capability "Contact Sensor"
	capability "Refresh"
	capability "Sensor"

so it should show up under some of those other sections…

figured it out… see my new smartapp for this in the smartapp section

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