New Sept β€˜23 Frient Electricity Meter Interface 2, LED now available (Europe only)

New Frient Electricity Meter Interface 2, LED now available (Europe only).
I just ordered one on Amazon to test.

Not sure what it can offer though, is it designed to be compatible with ST energy plug in, how accurate and what can it deduce ? from my experience with ST energy plug in, it tells you nothing useful, just historical

i am 100% for helping to keep bills down but so far there is nothing in ST to help with that

It installs on your meter so it measures all of your electricity use. You can see how much electricity you use at different times of the day. It should be very accurate at measuring and how much your electricity is costing.

You must install the driver from here

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Update 20/11/23
The accuracy is good.
29th September meter reading was 42881 kwh
20th November meter reading was 43529 kwh

When I installed the reader I entered 800 for pulse and 2881 starting point in settings.

Energy consumption is shown as 649 kwh

Just for fun I get a notification if power stays at 3000 Watts for 5 minutes!

Thanks for the informative post.
I thought I read somewhere, but can’t find it now, and its a calibration I will need to make - the reading for the input LED, number of pulses per kWh, can be configured easily in ST?

Yes you enter the details in settings.

The pulses is usually written next to the led on the meter.


Thanks for the confirmation, which was the doubt I had to order this.