New Samsung Connect and current SmartThings Smart Home Monitor?

What is happening here?

Seems Samsung is pushing this Samsung Connect and either we have to merge SmartThings with it or start all over?

I do not see anything in the new Samsung Connect App for use with Smart Home Monitor? I purchased SmartThings mainly for use as a security system utilizing the multi-purpose sensors, motion sensors, smoke alarms, sirens, lights etc etc. Android Presence to arm/disarm coming and going. Worked fine until we got new Note 8 phones… now the entire system is RUINED if Android Presence needed as before.

After getting (2) new Note 8 phones for Android Presence Sensors, seems the phones “came with” Samsung Connect App. Once running this app, it will create LOCATIONS that cannot be deleted and messes up Android Presence and now they either work or don’t or huge delay’s etc. Just a nightmare.

I am getting ready to REMOVE ALL MY SAMSUNG accounts and START OVER which is the ONLY way until the Samsung developers FIX the problem between SmartThings and Connect App.

I am guessing Samsung will push or force us to go from SmartThings to Connect App…but I am concerned at this point Smart Home Monitor is NOT implemented in Connect App. I understand that their is a SmartThings and ADT security combo… which I am NOT fond of ADT. Really went against DYI by bring in that proprietary old dog of a security company ADT. I despise them which is why I chose the DYI SmartThings route, but low and behold, that announcement came a couple months after I implemented my DYI SmartThings system.

When Ring gets their mess ironed out with ADT court battles, Ring Security looks to have been the better choice.

Is anyone using Smart Home Monitor within the Samsung Connect app somehow? Or am I correct that it is not even implemented in it and may never be?


I am having the same issue, When logging into the Smart things API, i am elected to choose my Samsung Account, or my smart things account,

Both have different devices, as some of them now only join using samsung connect, VS smart things.

It’s a real mess now. : (

For sure,

This is the best i can find, but they basically state to exclude your devices, and add the hub / re-setup everything on your Samsung connect account - Samsung Connect App - I have reached out to support a few times for a “Merge” No Resolutions there.

do you know if Connect somehow works with Smart Home Monitor? I do not see anything that it does? thanks.

So what happens when you install the smartthings app and login as an existing user? Does it force you to login with the Samsung account?

you log in as usual before Connect ever existed. (seems to auto-log you in with your password) The problem is the very first time you run Samsung Connect App, apparently is creates an additional LOCATION that cannot be deleted by you, but apparently Samsung cannot either? Really weird. Being we have 2 phones with Connect on each, if you run the app, it will also create another location…3 total. The original SmartThings location that was working just fine before running Connect app. Then the (2) additional locations automatically by starting the Connect app.

What’s weird, is Samsung said those default Connect locations could not be deleted… but was able to remove only one if the connect locations??? so I have the original SmartThings location and this odd one left over from Connect… that neither I nor Samsung can delete. I will have to remove my Samsung accounts and start all over to remove the locations and NEVER start the Connect app so it doesn’t create those locations again until this gets fixed by Samsung.

Tim, im not 100% on that one, from my experience you can still login to smart things with your Samsung connect account, which allows you to interact with both simultaneously.

Once I disconnect (exclude) my devices, join my hub to my connect account, and then rejoin the devices, i will let you know.

ah yeah, this happened during the Account migration beta, too. There is your normal SmartThings account and then one created by the migration that is the default in Samsung Connect. I was able to delete the Samsung Connect one from SmartThings, but in the Connect app both show up. Its not hurting anything, so doesn’t really bother me other than my Powerbot will only connect to the SC location.

it my case, it’s hurting things for some unexplained reason. I use Android Presence with (2) phones to arm / disarm Smart Home Monitor. It is not working at all now after trying everything different option/variation under the sun. So I’ll have to remove my Samsung Accounts and start over is the only way to fix things.

its probably the new phones not being mapped to your presence in SmartThings. Did you add your new phones as presence devices? I’m not sure what the proper procedure is with new Android hardware linking it to your existing presence. Maybe you have to delete the old ones and re-dd the new ones.

yeah, tried all of that. it is crazy. thanks

what did Support say?

depending on “who” you get, you get the “usual” suggestions which I have already done. Then I got a guy who actually knew what he was doing which helped a lot… but in the end suggested I remove my Samsung Accounts and start from scratch…but only because I had asked if that would be the best solution as that is what I intend to do verus the usual back and forth trial and error etc which I have done sevral times over already and still not working properly. It was all working just fine with our (2) old Note 3 phones, but when we upgraded to Note 8 phones is when we have the problem now. If removing the Samsung Accounts and starting all over doesn’t fix it, I’ll have to get with Google Support to see if the number porting problem we had with the Note 8 upgrades may also be the problem or not.

reason I bring this up, is when we use the google FIND DEVICE app, there are (2) Note 8’s on the locator for EACH of us (so 4 total)(and also the old Note 3 phones (6 total). One it can locate, the other it cannot (showing with date of purchase still) but still shows as an option to locate it yet it will never find it. The NEW phones would not sync contacts either past the purchase date. I had to erase both new phones and start all over to get sync to work with google. I think the idiots at BestBuy used temporary phones and never factory defaulted them when trying to port numbers over where they had huge problems doing so for 5 hours at the store! As a precaution, I set the unlocatable phone(s) to erase automatically when powers on as I do not believe they did so when they were done when them.

was this Samsung support or smartthings support?

SmartThings support of course.

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word of warning. finally got around to removing all my Samsung accounts and registered them again new.

went to add HUB via app, “code not valid!” (yes, signed out etc etc, reset V2 with latest firmware hub to factory default etc a couple of times, no go) So have to wait for tech support to fix this problem now before I can start over and get this all working again. one thing after another. : /

Tech support helped right away! : )

" I took a look at your account and it looks like the Hub is still associated to the Samsung account that no longer exists. I went ahead and removed the Hub from that account, so you can set it up on your new account."

Everything is working PERFECTLY now!

(Just do NOT run the Samsung Connect app! Apparently Samsung will be fixing this problem soon, but for now I am NOT looking at Samsung Connect app for a long while until i see what others experience).

Thank you SmartThings tech support for the help that could be had to a certain degree… before, YES, going NUCLEAR!

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