Android Presence in Samsung Connect Home

Is there a way to use Android Presence in Connect Home like it can in Smartthings app?

Don’t know, but it sure runs HAVOC when used with our (2) new Note 8’s and Android Presence!

It has made Android Presence totally non-functional when you run the Samsung CONNECT App! Do NOT run this APP unless you want trouble!

Samsung says they are “working” on the fix. When you run the Conenct App fir the first time and log in using your Samsung account it CREATES a NEW LOCATION that cannot be deleted! SO now we have (3) locations and Android Presence does NOT work after this! we have our original HOME location, and (2) new HOME locations. Support via chat was able to delete 1 of the new locations created by COnnect, but not the other. grrrr.

SO now of Smart Home Monitor does NOT work when we leave and arrive with Android Presence.

I so not see Connect has Smart Home Monitor either! It looks worse than SmartThings app also… wish these companies would quite screwing around so much.

The Ring security system looks so much more promising…but since ADT is suing them (since theis Ring system is so much a bigger threat to this old proprietary company), it is not available YET. SmartThings is so screwy anymore, I will juts ditch it all and get the Ring Security system when available. Looks better than NEST.