New router, now can't find Things

Hi, all.

So I got a new router and some (not all) of my Things stopped transmitting their data to the hub. My Things consist of 1 motion detector and 2 general purpose open/close sensors, all Samsung ST. After the new router, only 1 o/c sensor was registering changes, although the hub claimed it could see all 3.

Based on a different thread here which suggested I should delete the location and redo it, I went ahead and started over with a new location. However, now I cannot detect any of the Things (although my Droid does show up as a presence sensor). I have tried doing both a power cycle and reset on the hub to no avail. The LEDs are solid green and switch to blinking when it tries to search for new Things, but it never finds any.

Suggestions? TIA!

Here is the original thread

And my router is a Comcast cable modem + router with 2.4 and 5 GHz. I have tried doing the config on my Droid connected to both 2.4 and 5 to no avail.

Try turning off Wifi temporarily and see if the problem goes away. If so adjust your 2.4ghz channel or disable it completely… ?

The ST devices are zigbee and could conflict with your 2.4ghz network. As @JH1 said try turning it off. If that works you will need to check the zigbee channel of your ST hub versus what your router is using.

Thanks for the tips!

It wasn’t Zigbee interference (the wifi test didn’t resolve it). However, I seem to have fixed it by doing a hard reset on each of the Things (remove cover, remove battery, search for new Thing while holding reset button while putting battery back in). Fortunately I only had three Things cuz those batteries are a PITA to get in and out!

Anyway, hopefully this thread will be helpful to other poor souls in the future. Thanks!

I’d suggest checking the wifi and zigbee channels. I have a feeling your issue will creep up again after a few hours or days.

Interesting. I’m glad this didn’t effect me as I changed routers recently and have over 130 devices. Oh I have a headache already thinking if that happened.