Motion sensors quit working after moving to a new wifi router

I moved my Smartthings hub to a new router. The subnet is numbered differently. The old router is turned off.

Everything seems to work except for all of my motion sensors. They stay stuck in a motion or no motion state. I’ve taken them all down, reseated the batteries.

That didn’t work. I removed them from the app and re added them.

That didn’t work. I rebuilt the zwave network from the app.

That didn’t work. What am I missing?

I assume you’ve done this but have you reset the sensor itself? When this happens to me I usually put another good battery in it right before I reset it.

See the official status page. There’s been a problem today, and some community members report that even though the status page says it has cleared they still have motion sensors not reporting.

That may or may not be related to your problem, but the first thing I would do is just follow that other thread and see if other people continue to have issues with sensors. :disappointed_relieved:

Are they ZigBee or Z-wave ? If ZigBee, is the new router on a different channel that is interfering with ZigBee signal ?

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Are they zwave or zigbee motion sensors? If zigbee, which I suspect they are, a zwave repair won’t do anything for you. To rebuild a zigbee mesh, power down the hub for at least 15 minutes.

Do you have any smartbulbs? If so, completely power those off when powering down your hub, and then bring up the hub first after 15 minutes. Don’t power up the bulbs until the other zigbee devices rejoin the hub.

As the above post mentioned, you could have introduced interference if the hub and router are using the same channel. The ST hub can’t change its channel, but you can change the router’s channel.

Are the hub and router really close together? If so, I recommend to separate them by several feet, or further if possible.

Are you still having problems this morning?

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Change router channel, you can go into IDE and find what channel your ST hub is on. Search google and find a WiFi channel away from it. Subnet has nothing to do with it but you could change that to match the old one if you are having any network issues with static IP’s of old network devices.

This happens to me once when appearently the battery of my ST branded Motion Sensor died. Never managed to wake it up again no matter what. It reports temp and battery status okey but not Motion. And i have tried everything under the stars, batteries, rebuilding meshes, repositioning, reboots, device handles. You name it.

One dying device is different than installing a new ( I will assume better, more powerful ) router and losing all your devices.
The only connection would be if 2.4Ghz on router is bleeding out the 2.4Ghz signal of ZigBee devices or even the hub. Hub doesn’t care what router it is on and changing hub IP would in no way effect it’s connection to non-LAN devices.

These are new Samsung motion sensors on a new Samsung hub (less than a month old). The Batteries are all above 90 percent. The motion sensors are still reporting what appears to be accurate temperature and battery status. I have pressed the reset button on the inside each time I’ve reset the batteries (I’ve done this three times each sensor. It’s just the motion that is “stuck”. Either motion or no motion, it varies. They are stuck. Not all my motion sensors are stuck, just some of them. I’ve decided to return and replace them.

The ones that work do have a different colored “lens” on the little bubble. Can anyone tell me what versions the grey and clear multifaceted lenses are?

I appreciate everyone’s help. This is great! Thanks!