New Relays from Enerwave

FYI…Enerwave is coming out with 2 new relay that are half the size of the existing models.

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Link? Wonder why they didn’t announce at CES.

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Yeah, a link would be nice.

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Do these only switch 120v peripherals?

Link to the actual product announcement would be much appreciated! I’m not seeing anything on a quick Google search.

Sorry guys, I just finished testing the relays at work and they worked great. Product announcement will be in March.

Can you share the dimensions?

Yes sure. here are the dimensions

and its Zwave Plus


Sweet thanks!

@NotSoSimple note that in the pic above it says on the relays they can connect to 110-277V a/c, 50/60 Hz. But max current load is 10 amps.

@Paul1 Do you know if they support Secure Inclusion and communication?

Yes they are…I’m working on how to get it to work with a 3 way application. Will post any new update here for you guys


Is this it? The product image matches.

Don’t think so. Pretty sure this is the dual relay that’s been available on Amazon for some time.

Dimensions are listed as: 2.02" x 1.71" x 0.82".

Awesome, they aren’t going to offer a dimmer are they?

Would be really nice if they do but highly doubt it since it’s a relay module.

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Well, at least Fibaro has their Dimmer 2 which should be going up for sale in the US any day. Would be nice to have more choices though.

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Sorry to dredge this up, but is this relay coming out anytime soon? I’m in the market for a dual switch controller, ideally this one as its smaller size seems easier to work with.

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The relays are released. You can find it on Amazon through one of our distributor Top-Greener. Please call them and make sure they ship out the new relay with the 500 chip set. Currently, Amazon warehouse still have a lot of the older models.

1701 E Edinger Ave Ste A3
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Call us now: 714-569-9988
Toll free:844-390-2568


That’s great, thanks. Does the new relay have the same model # as the older chipset? I emailed top greener to try to clarify how to order.

You mentioned working on how to use in a three-way setup, did you figure that out?