GE Quirky Aros Air Conditioner Integration

(Greg) #1

What are the chances that the new GE/Quirky Aros wink enabled smart air conditioner will be able to be integrated into ST? I am still waiting for ST Labs to release the other wink enabled devices like the Nimbus as well.

GE Aros/Quirky
(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

I believe @wackware already has this working.

(Greg) #3

Oh, that was quick. Is that in the shared area or still in Labs waiting to be released?

(Todd Wackford) #5

Just finished initial QA. Several updates required and then back to QA for more testing. Soon, folks, soon!


(Brian Smith) #6

Seriously, do you ever sleep?

(Christopher Masiello) #7

I still think that this thing is a bit of a waste of money. It’s $300 and cools one (+/-) room. I just read an article on Consumer Reports that had a more powerful air conditioner rated really well and costing $200.
Yeah, it isn’t “smart” (out of the box), but I bet it just works a whole lot better.
You want it to become smart? Add a Belkin Wemo Insight switch. ($60)
Now you’re $40 cheaper with a way better air conditioner.
As for the Automation, the Quirky stuff is aptly named. It’s really not ready for prime time (I’m lookin’ at you spotter). If you combine the WeMo with IFTTT, you will have way more power, flexibility, and SmartThings integration.

(Andrew Urman) #8

@wackware is an integration beast.

(Todd Wackford) #9


You should do a little more reading up on the Aros capabilities (Energy mngmt, tracking, GeoFencing, etc…). There is a lot more than on/off. But, isn’t it nice there are different things for different people with differing tastes?

Have a great day!

(Christopher Masiello) #10

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to start a whole thing. However, between the Belkin Insight switch, SmartThings, and IFTTT you definitely have Energy management, tracking, and Geofencing. Plus, you get a lot more powerful of an air conditioner.
I do see that having all of this in one device is way more convenient though. I just had a lot of dissatisfaction with a few of the Quirky devices, their app, and their SmartThings integration. I am way leery buying much more expensive and mission critical devices like climate control.
Not trying to attack anybody else’s choices, just trying to help people benefit from some hard lessons I’ve learned myself.

(Jamie Richards) #11

I’m curious if integration has been achieved. I just bought a ST hub and the Aros is the only item I don’t see a way to connect. (Also using wemo & TCP) any information or help would be most appreciated.



(Teflon Koss) #12

Has integration been achieved? For those interested, the price of the Aros has dropped dramatically.
Its now the price of a “dumb” air condition @ $177 on amazon. That makes it MUCH more attractive, for me at least.

(Jesse Andrew) #13

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next year for integration?

(Todd Wackford) #14

I’m working on finishing it again. It works, just need to clean and polish the knobs. Maybe a week… Or two

(Octoxan) #15

Still waiting and hoping this will get integrated someday…

(Phillip Alvarez) #16

Any word on integration?

(Andrew D) #17

I noticed this devices type was not included in the SmartThingsComunity github? any plans of incorporating it?

(Bruno) #18

Did the integration ever take place?

Thank you