New app WILL NOT recognize recently added Phone (Classic v New app)

Added a new phone in Classic app and it appears fine. When switching to NEW app, that device is not there. Is there a way to refresh so that it will appear?

Added a new phone as in your primary or another member you’re inviting?

You’d might as well start focusing on the new app since Classic is going away.

Lastly, the phone is probably there because the new app does not show any mobile presence devices. You can double check that the new phone is there by looking at the IDE, or try creating an Automation in the new app and under the If section, chose Member location.

YES- as to adding another phone (member) that I invited.

I am looking at he NEW app, which does NOT show that invitee. However I have (and can see) that member in the IDE and have placed in in a group (room).

I tried an Automation in the new app - and it allows me to select the member( device) within the automation, yet that device (phone) does not show as a device in the ‘DEVICE’ list. Weird!

So, I can see it in the Classic, the IDE, and select-able in an automation, but not visible as a device the new app.

Phone presence sensors do not show in the device list in the new app like they did in the Classic app. The only presence devices that would show as devices in the new app are life360 or simulated presence sensors.

But presence sensors from both apps can be seen and used in automations. Classic app naming convention for presence sensors was first name + phone. New app naming convention is full name + phone.

But as pointed out above, at this point, you should consider change over to using presence sensors from the new app and not the Classic app. The Classic app will cease on oct 14, 2020.

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Have you gone to mobile presence from the members phone, clicked their phone, and given permission to use it? If you don’t do that, it will not show up

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I have used the ‘gear’ icon in the NEW APP under settings to ‘GET LOCATION FROM THIS PHONE’, but since I cannot see any icon of this device, I cannot select anything.

I’ve even tried to add a ‘presence’ device in the + section- still cannot get this device to show.

Again, the phone presence sensor does not currently show in the new app. Three work-arounds are to use life360 or create a simulated presence sensor and link it to your presence sensor or set up notifications to be sent when the presence sensor arrives/leaves.

When you enable use location for this phone in settings, you can see and use the presence sensor in automations.


So the existing phone I had migrated to the NEW app as a presence sensor, but adding another phone to the new app won’t appear as a presence sensor?

@dlrichna Yes. I recommend you get rid of the phone you migrated and reinstalled it, as a phone as a presence sensor is a remnant of the classic app

That’s where I actually began. When I tried adding in the NEW app, before the CLASSIC- my only option was ‘presence sensor’- the phone itself did not come up as an available sensor. It seemed to be directing me to a keyring sensor or other Samsung sensor.

Just as a reference, I added other devices recently in the CLASSIC APP and they port over fine to the NEW APP.

@dlrichna this is good. The phones should not show up as presence sensors, they should only show up in the location tab of the automations. If one of them does show up as a presence sensor, it is not correct, and it will get deleted when the classic app is deleted. However, life360 and smartthings tracker should show up as presence sensors. Confusing, right?

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amazingly confusing, oh boy!!