New Partners and a New Hub

*“New Partners and a New Hub Make SmartThings Better Than Ever” *

*JANUARY 8, 2015 *

We’re excited to announce that SmartThings was honored as a 2015 CES Editor’s Choice Award winner! The voting process took place in a closed-room session earlier this week with the editorial staff.

“Samsung’s SmartThings platform promises to connect you to all sorts of devices via the so-called Internet of Things. With a new hub, new partnerships with companies like Chamberlain and Honeywell, and a commitment to increased connectivity from Samsung products in the future, SmartThings is a smart choice for those interested in smart homes.” –

The new SmartThings Hub includes a more powerful processor, a local app engine, and built-in backup battery power. This will enable SmartThings to continue operating in the event of a power or Internet outage.

A plethora of new devices will soon join the many connected products that already work on SmartThings’ open platform.

These include:

• **Netgear **and D-Link cameras
• Somfy window shades
• **Racchio **water irrigation system
• **Chamberlain **garage door openers
• August locks
• Weatherbug climate data
• Samsung smart appliances


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I sense sarcasm :wink: Yeah, I’ve been using unsupported Somfy and Chamberlain device types and both have worked very well (especially the Somfy). Rachio I am disappointed in the fact it never happened.

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Just remembering where we were at the beginning of the year! There is no sarcasm here, just disappointment…


This does work :smile:


Hey @sidjohn1! I have it installed but do you know of any use case that is beneficial in ST? I

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Really hoping Netgear Arlo gets support…

I gave it a shot to see but the app is terrible to begin with… A pretty bad resource hog and not really all that good looking.

If those were their only sins I might live with it, but it’s really not that functional in terms of what you can do. You can tie your ecobee thermostat and ST into it for… something, but it just really turns into some kind of unholy trinity of bad performance, ugly UI and poor integration.