The New Smartthings Cloud - discuss

Hi all. Samsung recently announced they were putting everything into Smartthings at CES; at least that’s what the press said. It’s something about releasing Smartthings in the Cloud later this year. Can anyone give us a brief on what they know about how this might affect us in the community with questions like whether this means new hubs or no hubs soon, whether existing automations and apps and things like WebCore will be trashed because the coding structure will change and whether the Cloud version is even the same or compatible, etc? Just a general topic for comment.

Yeah, that’s not really what Samsung said. They said they were moving everything together and that it would be called “smartthings,” but it’s not the same cloud that we use now for the hubs.

For details see the thread that @Automated_House linked to, there’s been quite a bit of discussion for several weeks about it. :sunglasses: