Any details on the new Smart Hub with local app engine?

Heard about it, read the releases. Is it available (ETA if not) or are there any technical details for developers?


Due respect, new friend…

But please do a search for existing Topic(s).

There are only 2 or 3 that focus on Hub V2.0


With due respect, I did several searches for “hub”, “new hub”, “2014 hub”, “2015 hub”, etc. I found nothing.

But thank you for the suggestion to use “v2.0”.

You’re welcome.
Sorry I was terse… Mobile use here.

But I can’t apologize for the poor search functionality of this Forum software (Discourse)… Ya gotta be creative and persistent, I guess.

All kinds of stuff in both on Hub 2.0

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Admittedly, I have terrible search-foo. I found it after your suggestion. I’m also on mobile, and there’s like 300 replies in that thread!

Thank you Jason! I’ll check the CES thread.