New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

(Roy) #369

Hey @Alwas

I’m getting some useful stuff together and plan on documenting what I’ve done in the hope of helping others, with what I consider to be some great little speakers. I’m really loving them! And hear what you say regarding the integration, I was going to ask @Tyler if there was any update since the last above. Fingers crossed. Even if its simply being more open about what commands we can send, as I see using STVCLI.EXE is also very useful, and so much quicker (google that one and you can obtain commands, but it must run on a local PC).

What I have been able to find out to date is:-
A list of commands which can be used here. Just use the command between the ’ ’ and change the IP Address to the speaker you want to control (You will find your Stop command here BTW - http://SPEAKER_IP:55001/CPM?cmd=%3Cname%3ESetPlaybackControl%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22str%22%20name=%22playbackcontrol%22%20val=%22stop%22/%3E

I have (like you) added virtual buttons, these control my Radio Stations (listed in the MultiRoom app - The only time I open it).
Added these Virtual buttons to WebCoRE and then add the buttons to ActionTiles. - This is working good, a little slow, but good. I’d love to know how you obtained the presets to use from TuneIn?

I have BigTalker-DEV working with them, and they do respond to the switch “Attempt to resume playing audio? - ON”

Also Ask Alexa can play/pause etc but cannot control the volume, I can only get the volume working via WebCoRE and using the individual Volume commands, but trying to work on a way that it recognises the slider. This works in the ST App, controlling the device, yet doesnt in ActionTiles (odd behaviour).
Yet I’ve not found anything which can increase the volume by a set amount, or by +1 or -1 etc. But I’m looking at Variables to try and achieve that,

A lot of work for something, that stupidly I thought would just work out of the box. But like I say, I do love them, so I’ll persevere :slight_smile:

But do check out the link to obtain the commands for the functions. It can be done, although its a lot of effort :+1:

(Keith Spragg) #370

Ah! I didn’t see a stop - thanks!

(Roy) #371

I have been sent a command which can group the speakers, but its MASSIVE. Its like opening up a JPG file in notepad! This is about 3/4 of the command, I guess it also depends on how many speakers you’re attempting to group.

I think I’ll leave that one lol.

Oh, one other thing. Spotify plays very nicely, and quickly to these speakers without having to use MultiRoom. Although, you cant group them from the App.

(Keith Spragg) #372

Yeah, interestingly, the current interaction with ST and Multiroom already allows you to rename the device on ST, and the actual device name gets set by ST for all applications!

I’ve taken to renaming all my devices with a prefix letter to let me know if it’s a [L]ight or a [S]peaker, or a [Sw]itch, for instance - and I noticed it renamed the device in Multroom and Spotify lists the change too!

(Alwas) #373

To get TuneIn Station URL’s sent to the speakers I found this page
You need Chrome to open developer settings with to find any stations url. They take less than a second to start playing, however BBC radio stations take 5 seconds for some reason.

Hopefully we can fully harness these speakers one-day without having to leave PC’s on 24/7 with special programs running.

(Roy) #374

Cheers for the link.
I tried the play track here, It did not work for me, then again my speakers are R Lites. :frowning:

(Roy) #375

Maybe its the difference in speakers, but mine isnt liking the URLs, I can execute it, but it doesn’t play anything sadly.

[edit] - Not sure how its started working, but it has. V happy. Cheers @Alwas :+1:

(Nick_S) #376

I bought a WAM250 Multiroom HUB today to see if that makes a difference and finally gets rid of the terrible lag I am experiencing with my R6s - to no avail. In fact it sees it has gotten worse.

While toying around though, I noticed that the lag does not happen with every command. “Play next”, “Mute”, etc get executed almost instantaneously. I still cant seem to get any text output though without a 10-15 second delay.

(Roy) #377

I’m also seeing quite a lag with announcements. I have one set to warn me when the Mrs is home, now its telling me as she’s already in the Kitchen. Hmmpph.

(Keith Spragg) #378

Have it play a bit of music instead?

I’d probably have picked the Imperial Death March for mine… :wink:

In all seriousness, I suspect the delay is the remote server doing the TTS and sending the file back to your device.

(Roy) #379

Thats a shame Nick,as I thought that was kind of the purpose of them wasn’t it? I had contemplated getting that too, although I’d much prefer the WAM270, but not at that price!
And now I’m no longer sure how the WAM250 would benefit me now. Unless it gives you much better grouping options?

(Roy) #380

HAHA I may have to create some local MP3s and store them locally, see what I get :smiley:

(Nick_S) #381

Unfortunately not, the grouping options are identical, which is a shame. I would really like to have the option to select different (and overlapping!) groups at the same time while still having individual speaker access on top of that.

The one advantage people mentioned while I was doing my research, is that of a more stable connection, since the WAM250 essentially opens another wifi network exclusively for the speakers. Since my home network is quite crowded I figured there might be some added value here.

(Keith Spragg) #382

It depends on your home Wifi - if you’re already using 5GHz it’s going to give you almost no benefits at all. If your router doesn’t use 5GHz, or you haven’t put the devices on the right one of your networks (some Routers publish a 5 and 2.4ghz network with similar names, but the Samsung App will try and pair your device to the same network that the phone you’re installing from is on), then you might notice a little lag. The 2.4ghz network space is very crowded, and often your neighbours’ wifi networks are intruding on yours. The 5ghz space is far less crowded, and its current scarcity is also a boon.

I own a WAM250 as it was free when I bought the 2014 Samsung TV, but it’s sat in a box doing nothing now. When it first came out, it was a hard requirement for Multiroom, but now it’s just doing wifi access point duties, so it’s completely pointless to me, as I’ve already got a good 5ghz router.

As I mentioned before, the lag in getting text through is most likely down to the remote server doing the conversion of Text to Speech, generating an MP3 and then delivering that to the device. No amount of improved local network is going to make that quicker :wink:

The WAM270 is expensive, and that’s what’s prevented me getting one - that and the fact that I could sync the music coming out of the BluRay player in the Cinema room to the Front room surround sound, the dining room speaker, the bedroom speaker and the boy’s room speaker to boot, meant I really didn’t need it! Invested? Me? Never!

(Roy) #383

Agree on the lag, I’ve just compared my Pure Jongo and the R Lite, and there wasn’t much difference between the two. There is between my Debian VLC Thing machine and the R Lite, however my VLCThing is RJ45, so thats expected.

(Roy) #384

I did suspect you’re right on that. Its the same with Radio, some are quite quick whilst others arent.
Need our own local TTS servers :slight_smile:

(Nick_S) #385

What you are saying makes total sense. Since I have no clue what I am doing I figured Id give this a shot anyway. WAM250s are pretty much free nowadays anyway.

For the lag I guess it could make sense to create offline/local TTS files and try to utilize those. I will give this a try tomorrow and see if it improves the situation.

(Brian Leppard) #386

#devices-integrations nns-integrations. W vacation NC vbb x


Send me the code to group please,

Here is a place i picked up 2 wam270 @ $100.00 Cad each.

BTW i have 7 wam r1 1500s’ and 2 wam r270’s.

Control volume, and my xm radio through ST, GH makes for a cheap whole house audio solution, About a month ago walmart was blowing out the speakers at $40.00 each.

I’ve searched high and low for the group code, I don’t know where you found it ?

(Roy) #388

This is an example.