New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

(Mark Marino) #349

WOW this is a long thread! Hopefully someone can answer this…

I bought an R3, an M3, and a WAM250 hub specifically so I could get TTS voice notification from ST via the BigTalker and CoRE SmartApps… and generally speaking its working well… Initially I had bought an M3 just to try things out, and once that was verified working, I got the R3 and the hub with the hope that I could have the M3 on the 2nd floor, the R3 on the first floor, and then use the WAM250 to create a GROUPING so my TTS notifications would go to both simultaneously… well, it’s not working that way. Both the M3 and R3 are connecting to the hub, and both are playing TTS notifications from ST, but not as a GROUP… there is always a delay between the two speakers, which is really annoying. Hearing the same notifications coming from two different speakers but with a delay typically between a second or two was what I was hoping to avoid by introducing the WAM250 hub into the configuration.

So does anyone have these speakers working as a GROUP visible to ST, or is the grouping functionality solely restricted to the Samsung Multiroom app only?


(eddie) #350

Did you ever figure out a way to play pandora with echo, through your samsung speakers?

(Sellmetv2) #351

It appears that the hubs are no longer needed for the Samsung Multi Room. removing it may help reduce the echo. I have been using the system for a month and found a Samsung Link Mate WAM270 that i purchased. This device allows you to input different audio sources into the stream. You would be able to hook up Amazon Dot to to the Link Mate and have the audio go to all linked speakers.

(Mark Marino) #352

Does the WAM270 appear to ST as a speaker, or does it work like the WAM250 and simply provide an easier way to wirelessly connect the other Samsung multi-room speakers to the network? Part of the problem with the echo, I think that is BOTH of my Samsung speakers show up in ST instead of the WAM250 “multicasting” to both of them.

Also, looks like supplies of the WAM270 are high and dry… only see one on eBay and it’s currently being bid up to close to 200 clams. I got the WAM250 for something like $30… so big diff there.

(Sellmetv2) #353

The LinkMate appears as a speaker. It has three inputs optical, rca, and
coaxial. So far it keeps a connection and has not gone to sleep mode. It
can be grouped to all speakers and you can set the input to what ever you
want to stream. The product has been discontinued orginally sold for $350.
It does not allow for pandora as an input but there is a work around for
it. It has worked well for the two weeks I purchased it.

(Sellmetv2) #354

The WAM250 is basically a separate wifi network for the Samsung Multiroom
Speakers. might be useful to reduce traffic on your home wifi.

(Paulfrank285) #355

I have the Samsung HW-J650 Wireless Multiroom Audio Soundbar for a while. I just recently bought the Smartthings hub and door sensors. Everything is working fine. I am able to add the soundbar as a thing and see the status (on, playing, off, etc). But I am not able to set it up in a way that it will give me audio notifications when, for example, something is open, etc… I am able to play and stream music from my table to the soundbar. I even tested it when it’s streaming music via wifi, to make sure it’s on and connected. I even added the push text alert and audio notification to the security settings… I get alerts on my phone but no audio notification to my soundbar. Any idea? Thanks.

(Ram) #356

Did you try using BigTalker, if it works. I don’t have the same product, but I have noticed Samsung integration doesn’t work with all the smart apps. For me, the custom rules in SHM have worked consistently as well as BigTalker.

(Roy) #357

Any one know of a way to get these speakers to play a net radio station? I’ve tried and failed on every attempt. Cheers

(Keith Spragg) #358

From the integration, I don’t think there is a way. If you’re just talking about generally getting them to work - they’ve got TuneIn radio built in to them, and accessible from the Samsung Multiroom app.

It is an incredibly disappointing integration, considering it’s two Samsung products - From what I’ve seen the Sonos integration is better. I do appreciate that it’s a niche market, but I can’t even trigger music to start and stop properly, and can’t even integrate with Spotify.

Literally the only things I’ve had working with the speakers is that Weather Announcement (which I turned off again - the Speaker already does a good enough job of being a Radio Alarm) and the Intrusion Detection, making the speakers bark like a dog. I’ve got 3 of these speakers, and my surround sound system integrates in to it, as does the Cinema Room Bluray player - so I’m pretty heavily invested.

I do sound negative, but I’m honestly loving both products separately… they just don’t play together well.

(Roy) #359

Yeah the App is ok, but soooo slow to respond when opening. I’ve tried the Windows app, which then crashes whenever I attempt to search for a speaker. And I totally agree with the disappointing integration, considering it is their device after all.

The only thing I really have them performing at the moment is kind of the same as yourself, quite expensive announcers. Gutted, I’d be slightly less gutted if it had an Aux in. At least that way I could put something between the ST hub and the speaker, but even that’s not available. :frowning:

(Roy) #360

By the way, I found this thread which a guys written. Very, very useful and I am pretty sure these details could be VERY helpful.

I already have the batch file working on my PC, and I also have an Alexa program running called addtopad which you can pick up from the link below, if you have Alexa. The downside is, you need the PC on constantly to use it.

This means I can create small batches using the command lines in the example batch file to play, set volume, radio station and mute/unmute and even change the connection type (Bluetooth/WiFi etc). The radio stations listed in the batch file, are taken from the list in the App which you are following. I have tested it, and its working great!!

If only I knew more on how to create a Smart App, I’m sure it can be done. But a step in the right direction!

(Jay Daniel) #361

Sorry roy been using addtopad for about 4 months now and love the program, i also just purchased a smaung r1 speaker last week? how are you getting this to work

(Roy) #362

Hey Jay. There are a few prerequisites.

  1. Need to install cURL for windows (if indeed you are using windows) -

  2. Once installed, configure the batch file for use with your MAC addresses of the speakers. Also change the path of where cURL is installed (Line 9 of the Speakers batch file)

  3. Check the commands within the Speakers batch file from step 1, then I created small batch files with the commands you want, and link the batch files in the AddToPad C:\AddToPad\WebExtractor\connections.txt

eg. “SPEAKERS vol10 SSR1” (This would set my SSR1 speaker to volume 10), or as I added radio stations in the multiroom app, you can also use “SPEAKERS radio1 SSR1” which would play the 1 radio station in the App list (ones you are following)

4.Once set up, you ask alexa in the normal way you use AddToPad and bingo :smiley:

Obviously where you place the batch files etc depends on your own setup

(Roy) #363

Hey Jay,

Forget this, I’ve only gone and done it with ST and WebCoRE!! :slight_smile:

This way you dont need cURL, and there is a very comprehensive list here of all the commands it supports.

I created a Piston in WebCoRE using a virtual switch, and if on, then the action is a Web request - Get - using json.<name>SetPlayPreset</name><p%20type="dec"%20name="presetindex"%20val="0"/><p%20type="dec"%20name="presettype"%20val="1"/>

This command effectively plays the 1st radio station in my following list of the multiroom app.

This one would set the volume to 5.<name>SetVolume</name><p%20type="dec"%20name="volume"%20val="5"/>

The commands are kind of tricky to get, but all depends on what you want to do.
I’m just happy to be able to get my fav radio stations playing via Alexa and ActionTiles now :+1:

Samsung Speakers
(Keith Spragg) #364

You can buy the WAM270, which lets you integrate existing audio equipment in to your Wireless set up - it has Aux in and out - so you can use your existing amplifier and speakers as if they were a connected speaker in the Samsung Wireless side of things; as well as be able to send other sounds (CD, tape, etc etc) out to other speakers in the system.

Great work on the other integration with Core! I’m due to bed any moment, but will look properly later!

(Roy) #365

Cheers Keith that’s very handy to know!
So happy to get this working for now. I can now unpack the other two, as they were quite close to going back. But do really love how they sound :wink:


(Jay Daniel) #366

Cheers for the guide roy, the page is bookmarked will be exploring this over the weekend, nice one

(Alwas) #367

It seems you have some kind of handle on these speakers @Royster, I’ll check your links, but it would be great if someone could do a clear concise blog on what the exact capabilities are, or hacks that users have managed to do in spite of the "official Samsung to Samsung integration, it may help @Tyler also, but he announced in November he’s “working very closely with the Samsung speaker Department” on a new major implementation, that’s 6 months ago.
Luckily I haven’t opened the clunky and slow Multi Room App for a few months now, I’ve managed to send TuneIn Radio station presents to my group of M series speakers. So I have 10 virtual switches on ActionTiles, which works ok. I can’t send a Stop command using CoRE, so for months I would just Mute when I went to sleep, or Away Routine was activated, which isn’t good for them to be always on. Last week I started sending a TTS announcement which breaks the music and effectively acts as a Stop command. I would prefer a genuine Stop command to work, and a resume music after TTS message though.
Controlling the volume level doesn’t work via CoRE, only manually in the app which is a pain. So the volume will start at the same level as the night before. Not ideal.
I would like these speakers to respond to ALL of CoRE’s commands, play, pause, stop, volume up/down, play track and restore, play track at volume, turn on, turn off, next track, etc etc etc etc

(Keith Spragg) #368

Looking at the Link @Royster posted, it looks like this is the command you’re looking for regarding volume:

curl 'http://ip_speaker:55001/UIC?cmd=%3Cname%3ESetVolume%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22dec%22%20name=%22volume%22%20val=%223%22/%3E'

which translates as:

<name>SetVolume</name><p type="dec" name="volume" val="3"/>

It looks like you can group speakers from the same REST style interface too (it’s all done with GETs if you’ve not already spotted that):

curl 'http://ip_speaker:55001/UIC?cmd=%3Cname%3ESpkInGroup%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22str%22%20name=%22act%22%20val=%22select%22/%3E'

which changes to:

<name>SpkInGroup</name><p type="str" name="act" val="select"/>

finally, pause should do what you want:

curl 'http://ip_speaker:55001/UIC?cmd=%3Cpwron%3Eon%3C/pwron%3E%3Cname%3ESetPlaybackControl%3C/name%3E%3Cp%20type=%22str%22%20name=%22playbackcontrol%22%20val=%22pause%22/%3E'

which is:

<pwron>on</pwron><name>SetPlaybackControl</name><p type="str" name="playbackcontrol" val="pause"/>

Let us know if this helps!