New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

(Stephan H.) #269

I no longer have my R3,R5, or soundbar connected to smartthings (and don’t plan to readd them till ST properly implements them and they are stable). But if memory serves me right, the connection to ST is based on IP. If you are connecting your speaker via 2 interfaces (wireless and wired), each interface will have a different IP but ST will only be connected on one of them. Your Samsung multiroom app will always find it because it scans the network every time to display your connected speakers.

So here’s my recommendation.

  • remove your speaker from ST altogether including the smartapp.
  • remove the lan cable and ensure your speaker is connecting on the wireless network.
  • setup a IP reservation on your router for your speaker on the wireless connection and document this IP.
  • readd the Samsung connect smart app to ST and hopefully it will find your speaker on the wifi.

A great mobile app for viewing, documenting and troubleshooting network connectivity issues like this would be the Fing app.

(Realy Living Dream) #270

Since you had these, maybe you can answer my question. Can they be connected to Bluetooth and Wifi at the same time ? I’m thinking about using via BT with a Dot for music and WiFi for TTS for ST.

(Mike Maxwell) #271

No unfortunately you can’t use both at the time. The input to activate must be selected from the samsung app or the speaker.
Internally the speaker doesn’t have an on board mixer, nor an auto input activation circuit.
I’ve requested that the input selections be added to the st integration, some how I doubt this will be included in the next release, but one can hope.
Not sure the senior guys I talked to got the use case that @RLDreams and I desire, I have no idea what sorts of setups these folks run at home, but I’m guessing they aren’t that sophisticated.
The lack of remote input selection in the st integration is a pretty serious limitation if using these in an ha environment.
I also requested that the dth for these be released so we could fix it, the inputs and the atrocious ridiculous unless logging output, that hasn’t happened either.

(Stephan H.) #272

That’s exactly how I had mine setup. I have 1 dot connected to my R3 and another dot connected to my R5. I attempted to use TTS through smartthings but got VERY inconsistent behavior and decided it was not ready for daily use. I honestly can’t remember all the issues I saw but I know the volume levels were all over the place and sometimes it would start playing music even if music wasn’t playing before the TTS notification started (VERY annoying when music starts blasting after the kids are in bed).

To answer your question as best I can…If I was connected via BT to my dot, I was able to receive ST notifications. So technically, yes, it can be connected to BT and wifi at the same time. However, it would never revert to bluetooth afterwards. I would have to tell my echo “connect to my speaker” in order to reestablish my BT connection.

(Realy Living Dream) #273

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately you confirmed exactly what I was afraid of. I picked up an M7 to try TTS and trying to justify (hide ) it from the wife. I figured if I could connect it to a Dot she wouldn’t notice, would just be impressed house talked back.

(John) #274

This is the setup I have with a mix of M5 and M7 speakers. I can control the system with the multiroom app but don’t know how to control them with the ST or ECHO devices. I would like to be able to voice control for playing Pandora. can anyone give me a set by set directions to set this up? I am new to ST and ECHO.

(Mike Maxwell) #275

I can’t speak for Google Home, but currently your only means of doing this via Echo is to pair it to a given Echo via Bluetooth, or direct connect to the line in jack on the speaker…
The samsung multi room functions aren’t integrated with ST.

(Mlebaugh) #276

Any update on this?

(John) #277

There has to be a smart person that can figure this out, or program this to work. Someone… anyone…

(John) #278

Ok so ST has integrated the audio. I can see my M5 and M7 speakers in ST but can only turn them on and off. I can’t change the station (Pandora, Itunes, Iheart radio) and I can’t integrate this with my echo dot so I don’t see gain in doing this. From the multiroom app I can control the speakers and source.
Samsung: when are you going to integrate your products??? Please do it soon.

(Nick_S) #279

I guess this has lost its priority within smartthings.
Pity, cuz i loved the speakers and wantedto buy a few more around the house :frowning:

Anyhow…lets not forget its christmas, so all the best to everyone!

(Joe Cribbs) #280

The closest I’ve gotten to controlling my Samsung Multiroom setup with Alexa.

First, I created a speaker group in the Multiroom app. I selected a Pandora channel, then paused the playback.

Then I added the Mood Music SmartApp, configuring it to “Play/Pause” the speaker that was selected as the “Master” in the group.

Then I created a Momentary Switch (called it “Tunes”), that when activated, runs the SmartApp.

This lets me say to Alexa, “Alexa, turn on Tunes”. If music was paused, then it will start playing. If it was playing, then it pauses. Not very intuitive to say “turn on Tunes”, only to have it pause, but it’s the best I’ve been able to do so far. I just installed CoRE, so I’m going to see if there are any improvements using it instead of my current configuration.

It looks like the Samsung Multiroom speakers do not (currently) support the “Play” or “Stop” enumerations; I could only get them to respond to the “Play/Pause” enum. I haven’t tried the “Next” or “Back” enums.

(Alwas) #281

@cribbsjy do you think your setup would work with TuneIn radio stations? Someone on here said it did, but I can’t find any working examples of URL addresses to use in CoRe to try. I’m looking for URL’s of BBC radio stations if anyone has any ideas.

(Joe Cribbs) #282

@Always my setup should work with TuneIn, as it simply plays and pauses the Samsung Multiroom application. I just looked at the app, and it supports TuneIn. You should be able to set it up like how described (without needing CoRE).

(Alwas) #283

@cribbsjy thanks I got it working with the Mood Music app, it’s neat, I’ll get a contact sensor or something in the kitchen to activate it.
But as the Multi App is so flaky, especially using TuneIn, sometimes my morning radio alarm just won’t start, sometimes a radio station will play for 1 minute then just stop randomly, as if the cache in the memory has run out! So I’m trying to create manual triggers for radio stations, using virtual switches and CoRe with specific BBC radio URL’s, as someone else allegedly managed, still not there yet.

(John) #284

Thanks for information. I have tried to recreate your control but I have the following issues:

When I use Mood Music app it requires my to select a play list or song, which it cannot find any listed on the device.

Also I am not sure about what you mean when you state “create a Momentary switch” is that just an on switch?

Any guidance would be great.

I have been able to create a speaker group that when I click on it, it plays (resumes) the Pandora station that is was last paused on, but I cannot get this to work from echo (voice controlled). The Amazon echo accepts the command but doesn’t turn on the music.


(Joe Cribbs) #285

I’m sorry @mediver99, I should have said “Speaker Control” app, not Mood Music. Here is a screenshot of my configuration of Speaker Control:

Be sure to select the “master speaker” (the one you chose to create the Group on top of) for the Speaker Music Player.

As for the virtual, momentary switch, you will need to go to, go to MyDevices, click +New Device, give it a name and (I used Tunes, hence the name in the screenshot), network ID (I used TunesBtn01), and for type you want to select Momentary Button Tile. This is a button that is on so long as you press it down (like a doorbell).

The reason I used a momentory button instead of a switch (like a light switch) is because you can only use the “Play/Pause” action from the Speaker Control app. If I used a switch, then it would be possible need to say “Alexa, turn off tunes,” to have her start playing. Instead, I now say “Alexa, turn on Tunes,” when I want her to toggle my music, just like having her run a routine.

I hope to look into CoRE some more this weekend, so if I come up with something, I’ll let everyone know.

(Joe Cribbs) #286

@alwas @mediver99
Good news; you can ignore my previous instructions for using the Speaker Control app. It works a bit, but not as good as the CoRE solution that I am creating. I have just created a simulated switch that when turned on will play music on the speaker, and when turned off will pause the speaker. This was just a Proof of Concept to see if it would work, so I’m not quite ready to tell y’all how/what to do, but once I have it in a more complete state, I’ll let y’all know.

(John) #287


Thanks for the input. I have my voice control based on your old method. It was a great learning experience for me. I am standing by for your new method with CoRE.

Thanks for you guidance and assistance.


(Ian Hammond) #288

Are there any plans to support Yamaha’s new MusicCast platform? It really is quite good!