New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio


We have an updated version that we’re testing that should include support for this model.

(Mike) #229

how you wanna connect that? its not lan connected.

( #230

Woo Hoo!! Thanks

(Ben Flux) #231

Do any of the speakers (with Amps) have audio out for external speakers?

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #232

@Tyler can you define this with more detail?

The integration communicates over your LAN? Can the Smarthings hub communicate with Samsung Multi-Room Audio devices that are not on the same subnet?

EDIT: Also for folks already using these. Does anyone have their Smarthings on one subnet and Samsung Audio devices on a separate subnet?


I need some advice please…I have a dozen Samsung 360 Radiant R3 and R5 wireless speakers and am trying to sync them all up with my stereo receiver and the Multiroom app on my Samsung Note 5 to complete the ultimate home audio system. My Pioneer VSX-1021-K audio receiver has an Ethernet port which I’ve connected to one of the 2 ports on my Samsung WAM250/ZA hub. The other hub port is connected via ethernet cable to my router. All my Samsung wireless speakers are already grouped in Multiroom app and app shows connected to hub. What else needs to be done to sync hub (using 5ghz), Samsung wireless speakers, and Pioneer wifi stereo receiver with wired in-wall speakers to complete setup of home audio system controlled from the Multiroom app? Perhaps via the WAM250 hub’s server wifi setup settings via it’s IP address and configuring settings as needed? I realize the hub isn’t needed with the newer wireless speakers but am trying to keep all the speakers synced and separated from all other network activity.

Just fyi - all Samsung wireless speakers software have been updated as of last night. And I’ve started using the latest beta version of Multiroom app. Anyone who can help point me in the right direction would be most appreciated!

( #235

Bluetooth. But we all know that story :frowning: Maybe I woo hoo’d too soon!

(Mike) #236

Hub bluetooth radio is not even on
And it looks like it is not high priority to turn it on any time soon.
I belive @Tyler mistaken model for some LAN connected.


Yup, my mistake. We’re adding support for some of the multiroom soundbars, not that one. My bad!

They have to be compatible with the Multiroom app for them to be compatible with our integration.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #238

Tyler can you comment on how the ST hubs communicates with the speakers over IP? We say LAN, but can that traffic be routed to other subnets?

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Then I’ll change my woo hoo back to booooo!

(Nick_S) #240

Can someone tell me why my R6 have about 10-15 seconds delay after being triggered by a smart app?

(Alwas) #241

It’s because there still is no genuine Samsung SmartThings/Samsung multiroom speaker integration.

Whereas Netgear gave full control of the API of their wireless cameras to SmartThings and the result has been a resounding success with seamless integration.

Hopefully one day we can ditch the multiroom app too, and just use the SmartThings app for our Samsung speakers, as it’s the SAME company I’m clinging to this hope.

(Rajan Kannan) #242

Can someone help me on my issue?

I have samsung HW-J7500 speaker. I’m trying to integrate it with ST and play custom messages when door opens or motion detected. I was able to add it on ST, but i’m not able to play any message on the speaker.
The status on the ST app shows “Paused”. Did i miss anything here ?

(Lee Ross) #243

I believe tts is broke.

(Alwas) #244

Playing custom messages through the speakers are working for me, but I’ve stopped using it because it won’t resume what was playing after anyway. You’ll get bored of it pretty quickly, afterwards the speakers just go dead. So you have to open up the multiroom app each time and start playing your previous music selection again manually! It’s a nice gimmick for a day or two.

(TOB) #245

I just bought an extra R1 for announcements. Doesnt break the TV or music coming out of the other soundbar, R1’s, M3’s around the house.

(Christian Long) #246

Is there an update to this list?[quote=“Tyler, post:1, topic:20839”]

Samsung Wireless Audio Radiant 360 (WAM7500)Samsung Wireless Audio Radiant 360 (WAM6500)Samsung M7 Wireless Audio SpeakerSamsung M5 Wireless Audio SpeakerSamsung M3 Wireless Audio SpeakerSamsung HW-J8500 Wireless Multiroom Curved Soundbar w/ Wireless SubwooferSamsung HW-J7500 Wireless Multiroom Curved Soundbar w/ Wireless SubwooferSamsung HW-J6500 Wireless Multiroom Curved Soundbar w/ Wireless SubwooferSamsung HW-J650 Wireless Multiroom Audio SoundbarSamsung HW-H750 Wireless Audio Soundbar


I need to get a new surround system and I may as well start the process of integrating it. I was looking at Samsung Wireless Soundbars with Wireless Back Speakers. They work with an app, but it looks like they wouldn’t work with ST. What do I need to look for?

I found the 2015 model of the J650 on Amazon for $260 used, or the 2016 for $400 new. If I get one of those, do I just get whatever wireless Rs, Ms, or whathaveyou that I want to complete the surround sound?

(SDG) #247

I had the same problem. Make sure you change the default volume setting (from 100%) to a percentage of you choice. I set mine to 50% volume and TTS began to work.

(Nick_S) #248

Hi Tyler

Could you get back concerning the delay issue?