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I am brand new to ST less then 48 hrs. I have installed & have running an appliance plug & a Cree light bulb.(both without problems. I have set up an auto on off cycle which worked last night.
Is there anyway to set up 2 on off cycles on the same unit at different times of day?
lights on at 7:30 PM off at 10:00Pm then have same unit on a 5AM & off at 6AM.
Thanks for the help.

Absolutely and an app called Smart Lighting us the easiest. You can get details here:

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In a word. Yes.
You can do this with the app ‘Smart Lighting’ or you can download an application called CoRE which allows you to do more complex things with your devices.
By all means seek guidance but have a go yourself by playing with the apps or searching the forum.
If not just ask and you will find the people here a helpful bunch.

Repeat how you set this up. But restrict one instance to first time frame and second instance to second time frame. You can run multiple instances of the same app. Some have a parent/child relationship, meaning you have one main app, and subsequent installs are grouped under that main app (E.G Smart Light). Older smart apps don’t have this grouping just the parent, which you install over and over.

Found a few Smart Lighting apps which one do I use
LG Smart Lighting
Smart Lighting (Wulian)
Bluetooth Smart Light
Smart Lighting (Alltek)
Smart Light
Smart Lighting (avin)
plus others

You want the built-in SmartThings native “Smart Lights” SmartApp. On your phone, go to “MarketPlace” , then to “SmartApps”, then "“Lights and Switches”, and choose the top item in the list “Smart Lights by SmartThings”.

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Got thanks for help still in learning stage