Inexpensive smart plug (US) and other device recommendations needed for newbie

It’s there, under “technical specifications” on the second page. Most people don’t know what a repeater is anyway, so I don’t think it changes the marketing any. People who know they need a repeater know to look for it.

I use the Z-Wave plug from Neo CoolCam. Available in different pin layout (US/EU/AU). Cheap on AliExpress.

Check for the proper frequency!

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Thanks for all the info everyone.

What do you all recommend for a reliable wireless window contact?

Depends on your exact needs including your budget. It’s hard to beat the Sensative strips but they are much more expensive than most of the others.

Have you had a chance to look at the device class features FAQ yet?

What is the difference between the 3210-L and the 3210-L2?

New model line.

Anyone have issues with the L2 plug? Or should I just get the L?

Very cheap and reliable are the Xiaomi Aqara door-/windowsensors on Gearbest

Gearbest Aqara door sensor

They use the Zigbee protocol. Max of 32 Zigbee items.

would not recommend these if you are starting out.

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I purchased the Iris Plug and published the code into my IDE.

It is still discovered as a “thing” and just says “please wait”.

I’m a little lost here, can someone let me know what to do? I followed the instructions that JDRoberts posted above.

You shouldn’t need to use any custom code for the Iris plugs. Did you get the L or L2? The L2 may require you to manually set the Zigbee side to “Smartpower outlet” type since its fingerprint may not be added yet. the z-wave side should be fine as whatever it joins as.

I got it to work. Finally came up as “Outlet” and I now have control of it.

Now I just need to work on the Zwave side of it

I got the L2. How do I set the Zigbee to Smartpower outlet?

Don’t worry about it if its working properly.

Is it the handler code that made it work?

That is what the smartpower outlet device type pairs as, so sounds like it found the default device type.

Can you help clarify a couple things? I’m being told that I need to follow the instructions and add the handler to get the plug to work and you are telling me I don’t.

It is supposed to come up as 2 different devices, 1 for the zigbee and 1 for zwave. How do I find out if the zigbee and zwave are both functioning?

Thanks for all your help!

the zigbee part is easy. Start the SmartThings pairing from the app and then plug it in. It should find it. Verify it works by plugging a lamp or something into it, turning it on and off from the app and making sure the power draw changes and the device turns on and off.

The z-wave part can be tricky. From the linked thread:

"Second: The Z-Wave repeater

Once you have the Zigbee Plug added into SmartThings you can go back to add the Z-wave repeater. In order to do this, first start the pairing mode by selecting ‘Connect New Device’ within the Marketplace in the SmartThings app. Once the hub is searching for a new device, hold down the button on the front of the Iris Smart Plug until the light begins to blink, this should only take a few seconds. Some users have reported than holding down the button doesn’t work and instead they needed to tap the button 8 times rapidly in order to get it into pairing mode. Once the light is blinking SmartThings should discover the repeater as a ‘Z-Wave Device’. This is the proper devicetype for the repeater"

This is where you have me confused. You are saying that I just need to plug it in and the zigbee side should work.

This isn’t what the instructions say and it isn’t what actually happened in my case. It doesn’t pair.

Did something change where it isn’t required add a device handler for this?

I apologize if I missed something, I am new to this. Thank you

Okay so I got everything working including the Z-Wave repeater.

If I’m adding a bunch of these Iris plugs, what is the best way to keep track of the “Z-Wave Device” aspect? Should I label them something else so I know which repeater goes to which plug incase I need to remove one of the plugs in the future?

As a test, I deleted just the plug portion and the Z-Wave Device is still there. So it doesn’t delete that as a thing with the plug.

Any ideas?