New iPhones ... Presence Not Working

(Raphael Turnerstone) #1

So we just swapped our old iPhones for new ones. We were using them as Presence Sensors in SmartThings.

The problem is, that with all of the phones off (old/new), we both still show as “Present”. With the old phones off, and the new phones on – regardless of whether or not the Mobile App is running – we both still show as “Present”.

Is there something I need to do so that ST removes the association with the old phone and binds to the new?

(Blake Westerdahl) #2

Turning the phone won’t ever make it report as gone. SmartThings uses the last reported location for presence. You actually have to leave
So the phone can report a location other than your house for SmartThings to show you as gone.

(Raphael Turnerstone) #3

Okay, tried that … didn’t work. :frowning:

also, my Sonos has stopped working as well. I’m going to delete and re-add them now and see if that resolves it.

Door contacts and temperature sensors appear to be working still though.

(Blake Westerdahl) #4

I just tested with my iPhone 6 and it worked without doing anything special. It triggered both ways just across the geofence line.

Sonos on the other hand hasn’t worked for me on SmartThings for a couple of weeks. It stopped when I did the Sonos 5.1 firmware update.

(Mike Northrup) #5

I have an iPhone 6 and iOS 8. No problem here. I just got back from a two hour walk that took me in and out of my geo-fenced area 6 times. Each one showed up as a push notification. (I installed iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 for the 2 days I used it before I got the iPhone 6 and everything worked fine with that configuration.)

(Raphael Turnerstone) #6

I logged out and deleted the mobile app. I re-installed, logged back in, and it appears to be working again. pfew! :smile: