Mobile presence not changing

Hi. I am using mobile phones as presence sensors to trigger rules and routines when I am away.
I have noticed that my presence changes ok on my mobile phone but not on my wife’s. If I open up the Smartthings app on my wife’s phone then the presence changes ok. The app has not been closed BTW but left running in the background.
Both mobiles are Samsung Galaxy S6 so I am at a loss as to why one phone seems to presence change ok but the other one doesn’t.
Any ideas anybody.

I have a problem with that on my iPhone yesterday. I had to log out, quit the app, reopen, and log back in.

In my case, though, the logs showed that I left correctly. They just showed that I arrived immediately after that, and it never changed from that.

Hope that helps!

We had this problem last week. Here are the steps we took:

  1. ensure location services are on
  2. Logged out in the app
  3. force shut down the app and phone.
  4. Restarted the phone and we logged back into ST app

This corrected the issue of not updating for us. I only noticed it because our away routine stopped working based on geo location.

Edited: BTW. This was for a IOS phone

I get this the odd time but no very often; for me it is always just a reboot for Android.