3 of 5 iPhones stopped reporting presence on 6/2/17

I have 5 iPhones in the house - each one logged in with their own Smartthings account and logging their presence. On 6/2/17, three of these phones left the house and never came back, at least not according to Smartthings. Perhaps there was an app update around this time that caused it? All 5 phones are configured exactly the same - and their configuration is correct. Does anyone have any thoughts on why three of them would stop reporting their presence? I don’t really want to delete and re-add them as I have a lot of rules firing from the presence. But I am not sure if there is anything else I can do? Thanks.

I have also faced similar issue. The difference is that i have only one phone & it has been away from past 24 hours as per smart things hub. I am not sure what is to be done for getting my phone back as presence sensor and actively recognised by hub? Any suggestion is welcome.

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Has this been resolved yet ? I still have 2 family members away since 6/2/17

I did look at it when I first had the issue but because no one else was experiencing the problem I thought it was unique to me and gave up. The same date is curious. I am wondering if it is because the smart things app was updated perhaps on that day and it has to be re-logged in or something. I will play around with it again tonight to see if I find anything.

First Tip:

My situation …

iPhone1 … installed Smartthings App, using email1 and setup iPhone1 as a presense device.

iPhone2 … installed Smartthings App, using email1 and setup iPhone2 as a presense device.

Because I setup both phones with the same email it was treating both phones as the same device and when one arrived or the other left it was just message unpredictably.

So … I setup email2 with an invite from email1 using the Smartthings App. Deleted app from iPhone2 and tried to use new email2 as my login. No matter what I tried, it would always flip to email1.

Long story short … in Safari, I had to delete history and cookies.

On iPhone2 I was finally able to login as email2. I was then able to setup iPhone2 as a presence device.

I did go back to iPhone1, delete it as a presense device and add it back as a presence device.

Both iPhones now get treated as separate.

So … try deleting Safari cookies/history?

Second Tip:

I have found sometimes when I leave home I never get the “left home” message. However, once I get to work and attach the phone to my work’s wifi … I immediately get the “left home” message.

So … try ensuring the phone’s are hooked up to a wifi network versus cellular.