New House New System

Has anyone used Evolve Dimmer Switches with LED lights? I read some reviews on Amazon for the LRM-AS and people say they have had good luck with conventional LED bulbs. I am trying to decide to get that switch or the GE switch, it is a significant price difference.


I have multiple Linear dimmers, which I believe are the same? (Someone can correct me if I’m wrong). No issues with the Cree bulbs I use from Home Depot.

If you need the switch to act as a repeater to a zwave doorlock, the Evolve LRM does not support beaming.

The GE/Jasco switches mostly do.

Just wanted to mention it because the “works with SmartThings” list just says device can act as repeaters, doesn’t mention beaming.

They definitely look very similar. Price is similar also…are your Cree bulbs the dimable LED/Recessed Trim Kit?

do the Linear’s report status back? I heard the non-GE one’s don’t report back the on/off or dim level.

All devices are polled at regular intervals but the hub. So, if I flip a switch manually, I will see it in my app in less than a second.

Now, you may be talking about the Lutron Patent regarding instant zwave status. You can google it. It doesn’t really seem to be an issue for devices that don’t have it, which are all the less expensive ones out there. Others can chime in, but I don’t see it as a problem at all. The hub polls well enough for it to be a non issue for me.

In other news, peek at the Linear switches as they are less expensive than the Evolves and are well regarded here in the community. They have been rock solid for me. One note - if you are using the three way accessory switch, you will need to buy/borrow something like an Aeon Minimote to help with pairing. Not a hardship because the Minimote is quite useful as a remote for the system. I use mine in our bedroom to execute hello home actions.