Linear WD500Z-1 compatibility

Has anyone tried to use these dimmer switches on smartthings? are they compatible?

For some reason the evolve LRM-AS have been out of stock for a while and I wanted to make sure these would work before I ordered them.

I’ve been told these are essentially the same thing as the evolve switch, but evolve puts their name on them. Thanks!

I’ve got about 5 installed. They work great.

Only issue I’ve had is that the indicator light on the front of the switch is a bit wonky. For example, having “lit when on” selected in the SmartThings app does the opposite and the indicator light is lit when off. I’m sure it’s an easy fix but I haven’t attempted it yet.

Engelwood, or anyone with a Linear WD500Z Light Switch.

How do you like them? Do they dim nicely using the switch? and most importantly do they Buzz?

I cannot take the buzzing on the GE Z-Wave Dimmers…

I’m happy with the Linears

Bought one GE dimmer and the buzzing was horrible. These don’t buzz at all.

Dimming works well, but cuts off abruptly around 5~8% with my Cree LEDs. Really not a big deal for me.

Surprisingly my favorite use is to have my bathroom lights turn on at 10% using a smart sense motion during late evening hours. No more fumbling for a switch, getting blasted with bright light, then having a hard time falling back asleep due to the bright light.

Thanks Engelwood!!!
I am going to order a few of these.

Hi Engelwood,

What device type did you use ? Simply “Dimmer Switch” , for some reason, I can’t link it …

Its listed as a “Dimmer Switch” on my setup.

As far as I remember I turned the power on, tested the switch a few times, then set smarthings to add. They were found fairly quickly.

There was one that gave me trouble. I set to add, and it looked like smartthings didn’t find anything. I let it sit for 3 or 4 mins with nothing. Being impatient, I closed the app and re-opened. It turns out SmartThings did find the switch and had placed it on my things page, but for whatever reason never told me.

I just had my Linear Switches delivered and I installed them tonight. These are hands-down!!! far better switches than my GE Dimmers in almost every way.

Better Dimming control, No Buzzing and a better feel to how they operate. The only Con is they use pig-tail wires out the back and these do not have screw terminals.

I paired these as Evolve Dimmers and they linked-up perfectly. Some online reviews think these are re-packaged Evolve Switches…

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I installed three of these last weekend as well and they work perfectly. The price is reasonable (Amazon) and no buzzing either and we are all LED lights. Took a bit to figure out how to get the three way working with the accessory dimmers, but I’m up and running. I plan on buying several a month and eventually switch out most of our switches with them.

From what I was told the evolve’s are actually linear, with the evolve name on them so they should act the same. I’ve installed a couple so far and paired the accessory switch with the minimote and they work good. Sometimes the accessory light does not reflect the on/off as it should.

I noticed the same issue. The option in the setup of the switch on the Things page for setting the LED status does not seem to work correctly. I plan on emailing support to let them know.

Thankfully, I had a minimote so I could pair them! The Hub needs too offer the Include functionality at some point.

I’ll add another vote for the Linears. When I was first starting to install dimmers a few weeks ago, I ordered both GE/Jasco and Linear/Evolve, and the Linears were way better. They handle circuits that just have four LED bulbs on them (a very light load) without issue, and don’t buzz like the GE switches.

The only things I don’t like about the Linear switches are the ugly clear/blackish air gap switch (why not make it white like GE so it blends in a bit more?) and the fact that the LED is green rather than blue. But functionally, they’re fantastic.

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Can someone tell me exactly how to add these to your system? Please?

All I did to add it to my system is wire up the dimmer switch in the gang box. Then use the ST app to look for a new device and once it was searching, I tapped the top half of the dimmer switch (like I was turning it “on”). It immediately registered with the ST hub. Maybe try a double-tap.

The quick “double tap” is the trick to pairing this switch :+1:

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Thanks! Just ordered one of these for every outlet in my house, and an accessory dimmer which I understand I’ll need a minimote before I can use that one right?

Just wanted to state that I am also super happy with the Linear WD500Z-1 switches. I have one switch running a sole 9.5w LED light without any issue and the switch is able to do a full spectrum of dim control without issue.

Installation was fairly straight forward (as long as you have a neutral wire in your box) and ST picked up each new switch very quickly. Also there is NO BUZZING at all when dimming. Super impressed with these things.

Also there is a seller on eBay that is selling these for a little cheaper then the store linked above. raykell04 is the eBay seller.

Has anyone had any issues with the LED lighting attached to these switches not turning off all the way. Connecting the switches was easy enough including the neutral wire. I was able to connect it to the smart hub but I cannot get the lights to turn off 100%. It’s driving me crazy.

I installed this dimmer and it worked great for about 3 days. Then it became out of sync and would report off in ST but would be physically on. If I hit it while it says"Off" it would turn the already on lights off and then say it was on. Each time toggled it would do the opposite and report the opposite… sometimes ST would hang on displaying turning on or turning off. However, the dimmer function would always work even if ST thought it was off.

I tried the ZWAVE repair utility in ST and get a “Network Repair for Dimmer [03]: Failed to update mesh info” and sometimes “Network Repair for Dimmer [03]: Failed to update route” if I keep trying.

The dimmer works great by itself without ST app just using the physical buttons. I only have 7 devices this being the only dimmer and the dimmer is only about 15 feet from the hub line of sight. I have removed it and added it back to the network but continue to have the same problems.

Any suggestions?

Hey Josh,
Have you ever figured out what was wrong? I have exactly same issue with my Linear dimmer.