3-way options for LED's?

I’m looking for which combo of z-wave switches are best for a 3-way circuit with LED bulbs. The GE’s are too thick and don’t work with LED’s. It looks like Evolve and Cooper are shallower in depth and work with LED’s, but I can’t find any indication on the board here or support if their method of 3 way works.

Evolve is RF I believe and it seems Cooper uses the traveler but doesn’t require it?

The evolve does not work as SmartThings does not yet support the Associate command needed. I’ve been banging my head on this for quite some time now and basically just have a dead switch until the associate command works or gets implemented.

If I have Indigo still running (I’m switching over), I guess I can add a secondary z-wave controller to Indigo to set the association?

Yeah, I’ve heard of others doing a simliar thing. I don’t have anything else laying around, so I can’t even try that.

I emailed support and evidently associations are forthcoming on SmartThings.

Indigo can’t act as a secondary controller. It won’t configure the Z-wave stick and they said no plans on enabling it.