New house - new smart switches - recommendations?

Moving to a new house, so I’ll be starting fresh, with new smart switches. In my current house, I installed the GE dimmers, and I really like them. The only thing that I don’t like about them is that they have a memory - i.e. If i dim the light, and then turn it off, when i turn it back on, it will go back to the last level instead of 100%

Just wanted to get some opinions of other switches that are out there - anyone have any recommendations of what they would do, and why?


I like the Inovelli switches, great support, many configuration options. I have the dimmers with scene control and the only thing is waiting for more stock to come in so I can complete my home:

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Hi @hoopitz,

If you are in the states and don’t mind a custom DH for your switches, than this and other switches from Zooz are the way to go:

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If you like the GEs, but not the memory, one option is to have an automation turn the light up to 100 upon being turned on. I did that with my basement lights (except to 50). Its not instant, probably 2-3 second delay, but that doesn’t bother me.


I use webCoRE to change the dim level of some lights when turned on based on the time of day. Don’t need it to be so bright after sunset and need it to be as bright as possible during the day…If the mode is night, then I only want it on 15%…

As stated, it’s not instant but good enough.

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GE Dimmers are not fast. They gradually increase the light level.

This feature I love!

However, it also depends on if they are turned on Physically or by Program. Changing the level after being turned on programatically is a different kind of increase. It not really gradual just takes a second or 2 for it to jump to the appropriate level… Hard to explain.

There’s a device handler that lets you tweak these settings. Switch over, configure the settings to your liking, then switch back to your default handler so the switch still operates locally.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. It doesn’t really look like any other options have features that are much better. I’m also looking at the Leviton ones, because it could be pretty nice having a separate dimmer toggle, on the side. Pricey switches, though…

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