Time to install some light switches - which ones? Do they all delay?

I’m slowly (and very excitedly!) adding to my smart home, and now it’s time to work on lighting. I have LED potlights in my home, that don’t allow me to change the bulb, so i just want to install some switches and dimmers.

I’ve been doing a lot of research, and i’m leaning towards the GE Z-Wave switches. I like the way they look, the price seems reasonable, but people seem to be complaining about the delay from clicking the switch, to the lights turning on. Can anyone attest to this? Are their better switches/dimmers that i should be looking at? I’ll need a few regular ones, and a few with 3-way capabilities.

I have just GE Z-Wave+ and notice no delay on either on/off or dimmer. The dimmer does have a quick fade in to full brightness but no delay.

I wonder if it’s the older model that people are referring to. Thanks for your input. Are you using any 3-way switches?

No not currently

the older non-plus models have a dim rate setting that i’m guessing some people don’t know how to adjust.

You might find the following thread helpful. :level_slider::bulb: :grinning: It discusses the various features that are available in different models and why people might choose one over the other. The light switch discussion starts around post 40.

( also, I have moved this thread to projects so you can get individualized answers based on your own needs and preferences. :sunglasses:)

Thanks, JD - you are a wealth of knowledge! I just ordered a couple of the GE, to test out. If they work well, i’ll go for the gusto :slight_smile:

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Does that mean with the new, plus models, I won’t need to worry about that?

I would assume the have the same setting, but i don’t own any, so don’t know for sure.

From someone who has had the dimmer model for the last almost 2 years and has a couple of the new Z wave plus models I can say that there is no delay when physically turning them on and off. There’s almost no delay when turning them on via the app or through Alexa or whatever other method. There is a ramp up and down that may take a little longer to get to full brightness but for me its acceptable. I have used custom device type handlers to tweak those ramp rates and then once it was done I switch back to the default handler so it would run locally.

I will saw that there definitely is a delay between physically pressing the button and seeing the change within smart things, it can be anywhere from 2 to 6 seconds. But as long as the lights are turning on and off I really don’t need instantaneous status update within the app, I rarely use the app anymore and try to use Alexa for most things.

I have had some weird compatibility issues with different bulbs in the difference between the Z wave plus and nonplus affected bulbs differently. In general my can downlights, no matter what brand, always worked fine. However I have had problems with candelabra bulbs within my ceiling fan lights. The non Z wave plus version combined with Cree candelabra bulbs result in the bulbs not turning on about one out of every 5 or 6 times while the switch was actually on. I’d have to turn the switch off wait a few seconds and turn it on and then it usually worked although a couple times I’d have to do it a 3rd time. I switched most of my candelabra bulbs over to a philips warm glow and they seemed much better, have the problem about once out every 15 times. Switch to the zwave plus version and the problem mostly went away BUT now they have to be above about a 15% minimum which is wierd because i didnt have that issue with the non-plus switch.

If they made more candelabra bulbs out there I would try another brand but that segment doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of selection. Over all I still like the GE switches the best and every once while you can get them on sale at lowes and combine it with a coupon and end up being around $30 a switch.


I use the Leviton and have been happy with them but use what you think would be best. You could always get one of each and test them and then go with what you find the best.

I too have the Leviton switches, DZ15S to be exact. A few with matching remotes for 3 way switches. Haven’t had them very long, just a few weeks, but no issues so far.

Wait what did not know this was possible?

Where is this dim rate setting located?

It requires a custom device handler. Try this one. Switch it in the ide, get everything set to your liking, and then switch back to the default so it can still run local.


I have had really good success with the Lutron Caseta line and have changed almost all of my room switches to them. Zero problems after a year of use. They use the Zigbee protocol which I personally prefer, I always had issues with Z-wave disconnecting. Recently I have been adding the the lamp dimmers to lamps in the room and installing the pico remote next to the main switch in the wall. Works great!

Lutron does not use Zigbee. They use a proprietary protocol called Clear Connect.