Help GE 3 Way Dimmer with Add On Installation

I have a ceiling fan with lights in a weird configuration that I cannot find any diagram online. There are 2 switches that control the lights and a separate fan switch. Any help or diagram would be appreciated. Thanks

I have this, I finally had to just get a meter and non contact tester and trace it out myself.

I took pictures before I unwired anything so I could put it back. Then took fan down and opened switch boxes so I could figure it out. Made a drawing of what I had.

If you can post pictures of your current switches and a rough drawing of how you think it’s wired. There are very knowledgeable electricians who might help.

Thanks @TN_Oldman. I will try to sketch the best I could of the wiring diagram after work. I’m also curious to know what you find out about your wiring situation and how you go about installing the Dimmer and Add On switches?

I have mine in. I used the GE brand of fan switch. I also used the GE on / off for the light. With it’s companion switch.

I don’t have my drawing anymore. That doesn’t matter because your wiring will most likely be different. I do remember I had to use a neutral from a different switch for my remote switch. It was a light on the same circuit in the other box.

Be aware smart switches do not wire up like your current dumb switches. You’ll need to look at the instructions.

If you haven’t already you might want to read through this thread.

I was able to further look at the wiring yesterday and it seems like mine is also missing a neutral at the add-on switch. My question is can I bring another jumper from a near by light/outlet from different circuit? or would it be best for me to run a new wire from the fan/light to the add-on switch and reconfigure it at the primary switch? I am leaning toward running a new cable to separate the light and fan wires at the device. Thanks

This is frowned upon in electrical wiring. I think I have read where others have done it. I don’t recommend you do it. If it’s the same circuit it’s probably okay.

I can’t comment on the wiring. I don’t quite understand. Not being an electrician by trade. I have to draw things out to make sure I have it right.

Did you look at the link i posted before? If you have 2 switches controlling your fan light? You should be able to use one of those diagrams to trace your wires out. I would GUESS something like this.

Then your fan would be a separate controller. It would be wired just like the directions in the box.